I can't marry a poetess

I Can’t Marry A Poetess

by Christian Chidozie Okoro

I can’t marry a poetess
As she’s already married
To her pen
A more eloquent hubby
Than I can ever be
I can’t marry a poetess
Who only gets ecstasy
From her bookish company
She’d chose her bookish-pen dance
Over my tender romance
I can’t marry a poetess
Who will converse with her head
More often than she will talk to me
She will barely stroke my hair
Yet always play with her pen
I will be fed with jealousy
And depression
For want of attention.
I can’t marry a poetess
Whose tears will flow
From three eyes
Two seen on her face
The third eye seen
On the tip of her inky tube
I can’t marry a poetess
Her pen is a multipurpose tool
With which she can
Paint me a fool
Pierce my heart but shed no blood
Express inaudible affections
Shed inky crocodile tears
I can’t marry a poetess
Who has a translator in her brain
With the fluid flowing in her vein
And the ink flowing in her pen
She can translate my whole life
Into letters in lines and stanzas
Scribbled on a sheet of paper
I can’t marry a poetess
Who would look for rhymes
In my every clause or phrase
And rhythms in my heartfelt rants
Christain Chidozie Okoro in this poem described the relationship a female poet has with her work of poetry. He explains this relationship as deep and romantic.

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