I Am

I am

I Am

I am


I Am
The intellectual woman to the wise man
The music behind the muse
The echoing melody tunes to use
Can’t find your way,
I have a flashlight for you to use


I Am
The umbrella to your rain
The protective Band-Aid when you’re in pain
The muscle relaxer to your strain
The Endorphin Queen to the cerebral cortex of your brain


I Am
The sunscreen to your tan
The hand to extend
The back for you to dip, as your knees bend
The sunrise to your sunset
Erotic Intentions for me to let
Mmm..pleasuing you as you make me wet
Desire, rapture, passion from my arms felt
I am the person you never will forget


I Am
The water to your irrigated land
The fork to your spoon
The Sun to your Moon
The tissue to your nose
The shoreline to your ocean as it washes when it flows


I Am
The jelly to your jam
The voice that pleads to the stars
A seductive serenade to the Man from Mars
The shoes to your feet
The blood circulation to your heart as it beats
A pleasurable ride once we greet
The soft blending under the sheets
The bat to your ball
I am a winner who takes all


I Am


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