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I Am a Poetic Lover

By Oluwatobi Micheal

I am a poetic lover,

They say I am the Master of Love ,
Many say I am the Queen of Love ,
Maybe I am the love for all season.

I am a poetic lover ,
A poetess who so much in love ,
To write poetry about real love
To express love through poetry.

I am a poetic lover ,
I expressed deeply in my heart ,
I always written the reality of love,
I mostly expressed how to be broken-hearted and in pain,

I am a poetic lover ,
Who always craving for real and true love,
Through poetry I felt the essence of love ,
Through poetry I felt to fall in love many times.

I am a poetic lover,
Through poetic verses ,I expressed all ,
The wonderful feeling of being in love,
The happiness of falling in love .

I am a poetic lover ,
Who fall in love with the poet
I am only human with weaknesses,
Easy to fall in love ,and being in love.

I am a poetic lover ,
The love for poetry in every verses,
The love for a poem in every rhyme ,
I am a poetic lover who always fall
in love in poetry

By Oluwatobi Micheal

Oluwatobi Michael speaks of her love for poetry using words that commonly apply to everyday human love relationships.

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  1. This post was a joy to read. Your enthusiasm for the subject is infectious and makes learning about it fun.

    February 20, 2024 at 4:32 pm

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