How To Upload A Product To HQ Words Marketplace

How To Upload A Product To HQ Words Marketplace


If you are reading this, you must have completed your registration and set up your store. If you are yet to do any of those, take time to complete them before proceeding. The step-by-step guide in this segment is for uploading products to your store.

How to upload products to your HQ Words Marketplace store

1. Log in to your vendor account.

2. On your vendor dashboard, select ‘products.’

3. On the top right-hand side, click ‘add products’. You will see a window like the one below.



4. Upload your product cover image. 

5. Below the product cover, you have the space to add more images about the product. Use this to add different views or variants of the product if you wish. You can leave this blank if you do not have more images to add.


What should the images you add look like?

 Images should be white background marketplace photos or photos showing your product in use. These photos should be clear and of high resolution.


6. Add product name.

7. Enter regular price as a single number for your product. Do not use commas to show thousand. The system will set that. 

8. If you wish to sell at a discounted price like in a sell, enter the discounted price.  

For instance, 

If the regular price for my product is 2000 Naira, I offer a discount of 300 Naira. My regular price will be 2000, and my discounted price will be 1700


9. Click the drop-down arrow on the product category and select a category for your product.


10. Choose tags. These are words that describe your product. You can skip this if you do not want to add tags.

11. Add a short description of your product. Customers will see your product description. It should state the qualities of your product like colour, material, specifications, sizes, etc. The relevant information may vary based on product type. However, you should ensure that the detail that customers need to know about a product are listed.

12. Click ‘create product.’ The window below will appear. You may choose ‘create and add new’ if you want to add more products and then edit the rest later.


13. Select type of product. Check the box for downloadable or virtual if you are marketing soft copies.

14. Enter a longer description in the description section (you may skip this).

15. Enable stock management and add the number of this product in stock. This feature sets the system to count down as customers buy your product. The system will automatically mark the product as out of stock when the last piece is sold. You can also manually manage this.

16. Enter the focus phrase for your product. A focus phrase captures what search term applies to your product. When people look for this term, your product will be displayed.

17. Select shipping class. This will determine the cost of shipping applied when customers order your product.

18. Add product attributes for variable products.

19. Enable bulk discount if you do a bulk order.

20. Add a purchase note (Optional).

21. Save product.

Your product is now ready for admin review. Once approved by the admin, your product goes live.





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