How To Travel With A Full Time Job

How To Travel With A Full Time Job


In the movies, we are blessed with ideas of how people who are obsessed with travelling, some call them ‘would-be-travellers’, quit their job and take on a full time job of travelling, exploring and finally filling that hole in their hearts. But, the one thing they don’t tell us is that travelling costs a lot. To travel to all the places you may want to, you will need to have a source of income and what happens when the money you made in the job that you quit to travel finally finishes? You are left with absolutely nothing.

That is why this article was written. In this article, we will tell you and also show you that it is extremely possible to work a full time job and still travel to all the unique places that you may love to go to. It all has to do with planning. So in case you thought that it was impossible to work a full time job or be a student and still be able to travel all around the world, please think again because for us travel freaks, nothing is ever impossible. Below are a few ways you can meet your ‘places to travel to list’ and still maintain that job that you love so much.

View Traveling From a Different Perspective


Travelling isn’t something that is done haphazardly. To travel and really enjoy the experience, you need to plan for it. Hence, before you even travel you need to start making plans. The problem is not that you don’t have the time, the problem is that you are not making the time available. If you change your mindset about travelling and prioritize it, you won’t have problems with money or time when it comes to travelling. You will realise that when you lay out your plans which will consist of;

  • What the trip is for?
  • How long it should last?
  • How much you will be needing?
  • Where you will be going?

And so much more, you will see that a 2-weeks trip can just be as effective as a 3-day trip. So you can travel during the weekends and still enjoy a wonderful experience.

Effectively Make Use of Your Holidays and Time Off


We are aware that holidays and time off may just last for a day or two, but that is where aeroplanes come in. It may hours to get to your chosen location if you are driving, but if you book a flight you can easily get there within a few hours or even minutes, depending on where you wish to travel to. So that 2-day holiday can be judiciously used. Remember to always travel whenever you have holidays or time off. You can even extend your weekends, holidays or time off to get the best travel experience ever.


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Work Extra Hours


This is a bit manipulative but very effective. Research has it that some employers will allow you to take some time off when they notice that you have been paid an excess overtime salary. So, if you want to travel but you are looking for how to lengthen your off time, we advise that you work extra hours during the very busy periods. Just ensure that your employer sees you working extra time and takes note of it. That way, you can easily get your off time and travel all around the world if you want to.

Never Turn Down a Travel Opportunity At Work


Most people make this mistake and we don’t understand why. Regardless of the fact that it’s a company’s organized travel program, doesn’t stop it from being a travel program. Most people, however, do not have any idea if their office has such opportunities. If you fall among these people, then we advise that you ask. You will be shocked at the number of travel opportunities just laying around. And the best part about work travel opportunities is that you don’t get to work at nights. This is because these work travel opportunities are mostly to warehouses, conferences and so on. So you can work during the day and have the entire evening to yourself.

Be Flexible

This is mostly applicable to your dates. If you really want to travel while still working a 9 to 5 job, you will need to work with what you have. If your busy season is in the summer or if you are an accountant, it will be best to not get travel breaks during the tax season. The trick is to find when you are not really needed at work and take a travel break then. Most offices will agree because they know that with travelling, you will come back refreshed and ready for any project. So when next you want to travel, plan your travelling calendar according to your busy days and months.

Remember that when travelling, the idea of getting to know a place fully is very tempting but as long as you can explore the town for a few days, a great impact can be done and you can cross out some locations from your travel bucket list. In addition, here are some other ways you can travel even with a full time job.

  • Start your trip early.
  • Take shorter trips.
  • Don’t wait for people to join you when you want to travel.
  • Work from home.

Go out and enjoy your travelling experience!



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