How to Spend 24 Hours in Lagos

Do you only have a day to explore Lagos Nigeria and wondering – what do I do? Here is How to Spend 24 Hours in Lagos.


Lagos is a city bustling with lots of fun activities, and if it’s your first time there, you definitely need a guide. No arguments; it’s a necessity. Apart from the scouring heat and the heavy rainfall which the city of Lagos is blessed with, depending on the time you visit, the city is one you cannot fully enjoy without a tour guide.

Lagos is Africa’s most populous city. It is overthrown with people, houses, cultures, animals, and so much more.
Truly, it is a place with so much to see and explore, but you just can’t do it all without some guidance or direction. If you visit Lagos and you want to go back with some fun stories and pictures that you can show off about Lagos or the fun that Lagos state has to give, then you need a tour guide.

So here are some amazing ways you can spend 24 hours in Lagos. Remember, the trick is to touch everything that will encompass the culture of Lagos.


Eat Nigerian Jollof Rice at a Buka Restaurant

Have you ever heard of the Nigerian Jollof rice? Of course, you have! With the number of debates going on about which is better, Nigerian or Ghanaian jollof rice? You are bound to have heard something about this African delicacy. Trust us, the best place that you can enjoy Nigerian Jollof rice is in a Lagos buka restaurant. With all the spices and ingredients carefully mixed to prepare a tantalizing meal, your taste buds will be thanking you for such a wonderful meal. You should try this delicacy for breakfast before you begin your tour of Lagos.


Visit Nike Art Gallery

After enjoying a wonderful plate of food, feast your eyes on some of the best artworks your eyes have ever seen in the Nike Art Gallery, located in Lagos. It has been crowned the largest art gallery in the whole of Africa. Nike Art Gallery holds amazing artworks by exceptional artists. It will take hours to fully explore this art gallery. So if you want to enjoy other sceneries in Lagos, you may want to set a timer. But while you are at the gallery, take some time to move into the adjourning shops. You can get drinks, waist beads, necklaces, or anything that will make you look like an African Queen. After all, Lagos is a city that allows you to explore all your deep desires, so explore away.


 Visit the Lekki Conversation Centre.

Are you craving some nature and wondering where you can get it in Lagos? Think no more because Lagos is blessed with the Lekki conversation centre, where you can do a canopy walk.
This is Africa’s longest canopy walkway at 401 metres long. You can walk along the treetops and admire the beautiful view that Lagos has to offer. There is a treehouse that you can go into and bless your eyes with monkeys. You can literally see them jumping! What an experience that would be! This is offered in the Lagos Lekki conversation centre. So head on there to get away from the hustle and bustle of Lagos state.


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Cross the Lekki-Ikoyi Bridge

At this point, you are probably tired of crossing bridges but trust us, you do not want to miss this adventure that Lagos offers. The Lekki-Ikoyi bridge is an extensive, magnificent cable-stayed bridge. It is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the city of Lagos. If you are new to the place, you absolutely wouldn’t want to miss this. However, you may want to have a ride waiting for you on the other side in case you need to get off your feet.


Shop at Balogun Market

Here’s an idea, when you are in that car, why not drive to the entrance of Balogun Market in Lagos state and get anything of your choice? Sounds nice, right? Also, if you really want to complete the adventure you started at Nike Art Gallery, then we advise that you shop at Balogun Market. You will get the best clothes and fabrics in West Africa. If you find yourself on the island, consider trying out their local attires, taking pictures, and then interacting with the locals of Lagos to learn more about the city.


Stroll through Freedom Park

Close to evening, try taking a stroll through Freedom Park and experience Lagos in a new light. It is a former colonial institution that has been refurbished into a park, and it holds lots of amazing things about Lagos. At freedom park, you can find vendors selling palm wine, which is a locally fermented alcoholic drink; you can also find Veggie Victory. This is the first vegetarian restaurant in Nigeria, and it is located in Lagos. If you can just have a taste of their vegan suya, you may never want to stop eating it. To wash it down, try drinking Orijin. The drink is similar to beer. You can get all of these at Freedom Park, Lagos.


Enjoy your stay at Eko Hotels and Suites

You cannot visit Lagos and not go to Eko Hotels and Suites. This place is always simply amazing in the evening. This is because this is when they are usually hosting events. For example, if you are visiting Lagos at the end of the year, you will find that Lagos usually has an uncountable number of events; most of them hold in Eko Hotels and Suites. So why not go there, enjoy a drink at the bar, meet new people, mingle with your favourite celebrities, and watch them perform live? This is just an amazing way to end your day in Lagos.

So there you have it, all the things you can do in 24 hours in Lagos. End your day at Eko Hotels and Suites and book a room that will allow you to get off your feet and rest after a day well spent in Lagos.

Trust this guide gets you through your 24 hours in Lagos.



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