How To Sell Your Products On Amazon

Whether you are a business owner, self-employed, or a brand owner, you can still grab the chance of publicizing and making more money from your business by going on Amazon. For this, you will need to know how to sell your products on Amazon to be successful, just like every other successful Amazon marketer.

The establishment of Amazon as a platform for marketing goods and services has helped bring forth that understanding of the buyers’ and sellers’ market in today’s world. So, you see, to sell on Amazon, you do not need to have a big name in business or have validation in marketing.

However, there are just basic things you need to know before starting to sell on Amazon, and in this article, I will be sharing with you the basic things you need to know to start selling on Amazon.

Selling Your Products on Amazon

How To Sell Your Products On Amazon – Steps to follow

Start Market Research

Before turning into an active Amazon seller, you must, first of all, start market research.

Now, this market research should be based on the demand and supply of the market. Without this market research, you may not be able to satisfy your consumers, which is what you should do at all costs to keep not just Amazon business but every other business you find yourself active enough.


Find Your Niche

Next in our research is “Find Your Niche.” It is very easy to spot a niche now that businesses are categorized compared to before.

After researching the consumers’ demand and supply, you should be able to spot a niche in which you want to deal. It is all about the business type you want.

A niche could be fashion and clothing, craft supplies, skin care, book supplies, home appliances, content creation, musical instruments, and every other business niche available on Amazon.


Create A Business Plan

After you have found your niche, start market research. What should matter to you now should be creating a sensational business plan or agenda to guide your brand on Amazon.

Let’s say you picked fashion and clothing and chose the distribution of Vintage shirts as your business plan. What you should add to such a business plan is the uniqueness which is very important.

Aside from being unique, there are other factors you should consider for your Vintage shirts, such as the quality of your shirt, what it takes to keep it clean, how the sewing is made, how they could be combined with another sorta dress, and other factors cause you consumers are eager to know about them.


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Identify Product Supplies

From your business plan, you should be able to spot your product supplier(s).

When spotting a product supplier, ensure you are not out of context regarding your business plan. Ensure you go for a supplier that matches your business plan, or it will affect your consumers and you in the long run.

However, if your niche is fashion and clothing, you can also partner with a dressmaker that sews to your satisfaction, and pay the person for the service. However, this idea might cost you much more than you think because you will need to purchase the clothing materials and still pay for the services.


Purchase Goods And Services

After spotting your product supplier, at this point, there might be a need to provide the business capital cause you will have to purchase the goods and services.

Purchasing goods and services should be based on what you want to deal with, and remember to make it possible that it matches your business plan.

Also, I will advise you to purchase the first set of goods and services in a small quantities and watch how it plays out. Then if it plays out to your satisfaction, you can go for bulk purchase.


Register An Amazon Account

After your goods and services are ready to be published on Amazon, you can now create an Amazon account. Follow the steps below –

  • Provide your business email address or Amazon customer account
  • Internationally chargeable credit card
  • Government ID (identity verification protects sellers and customers)
  • Tax information
  • Phone number
  • A bank account where Amazon can send you proceeds from your sales, and you are good to go.

Create Product Listing

After creating an Amazon account, it does not end with that. You have to create your product listing to avoid the buyers not to get confused with what you are selling. Make your product listing readable for the sake of those who will check out your product and wish to buy from you.


Manage Your Inventory

As you keep it on with your business, look at your inventory level also, as it decreases automatically on Amazon as orders are placed. Ensure to update your inventory level regularly to show the availability of the items on your product listing page.


Follow Up Customer Reviews

Following up on your customers’ reviews is very important in any business. From your customers’ reviews, you will know where to fix your business if there is any issue.

Aside from that, good customer reviews will attract more customers to your business, so try to be unique, consistent, and transparent to achieve your aim.


Optimize Product Listings

Try as much as you can to monitor your sales performance and get to know your business within the market.

Optimize your product listing to increase your traffic level and increase sales. Optimization of traffic could be done by inserting a keyword into your product titles, features, description, and others after proper research has been carried out.


How Much Do You Need To Start Selling On Amazon

There is no fixed amount needed to start selling on Amazon. The amount needed depends on factors surrounding the business, such as the niche and the business plan.

Depending on the business plan, you can use less than $500 to start selling products on Amazon.



Written by Udeme White


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