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How to beat writer’s block

How to beat writer’s block is for writers. This article will help you when experiencing writer’s block.

Author: Izuchukwu Ugwu            

Reviewer & Editor: Chinyere Nwosu 

Ways to beat writer’s block

Are you a new or seasoned writer? The first introduction to this article is the introduction or explanation of writer’s block. Most writers have seen this in their careers and submitted solutions that helped them. It is only natural that you learn how to deal with this problem. Some writers become unnerved when they experience this, while some – new and experienced writers make their way out of it and turn it around to their advantage.

What does writer’s block mean?

Writer’s block is a situation where a writer is unable to think properly, or articulate words to fill his content. This condition is in no way related to a lack of or inadequate writing skills. It is a temporary situation for a writer. This situation is experienced once in a while by writers.
Rather than discourage writers, especially the ones who are new to the game, there are some tips for you to avoid this problem. But before these tips are presented to you on a platter, let us discuss the causes of this block first.

The most common causes are:

Perfectionism: This is the most common cause; it usually hits newbies much more than experienced writers. Perfectionism is the process of trying to get everything right – the fear of failure. It makes some simple works tedious for the writer. When a writer tries to impress your unknown reader, you tend to make more mistakes that wear you out and discourage you from continuing.

Procrastination: This comes in the form of “I-will-do-it-once-I-come-back, I-will-do-it-later, or I-want-to-start-and-finish-it-once-and-for-all”. In all these self-promises, only a few promises are kept. This results in never starting the project.

Wrong timing: All times are not for writing. Yes, the idea to write has been formulated in your brain, but it needs to be nurtured. If you rush to write in a wrong timeframe that your body doesn’t want, it might affect your writing skills and flow of ideas. The formulated ideas need to be nurtured, planned, and then executed.
Having discussed the most common causes of writer’s block, let’s hobble down the main topic – Ways to beat writer’s block.

Several ways to avoid this problem include:

Let your work be – When it dawns on you that you can’t press further – you’re trying to, but nothing is coming to your mind to pen down, let your work be. Do not push further. Close your book and keep the pen, rest awhile and do something other than writing.

Read other books – Reading other books (mostly books not related to what you’re writing) gives you an edge and an escape route. Forget your book for a while. When reading other books, you pick up new words, and slowly, new ideas creep up your mind, formulate, and await the further command to be executed by you.

Don’t be distracted – This is one of the skills I use personally. Sometimes, I tend to be ‘private in the public’ by using headphones and zeroing my mind on writing in public places – even in event centers. It is usually rare to experience writer’s block when you’re focused and not distracted.

Habituate your writing – Consistency has proven to be a more productive tool in all spheres. This means that you make it a habit, devise a time frame, and work towards your schedule. You’re likely to be the one on this end like me, writing on how to conquer writer’s block.

Do not be afraid of mistakes – I have mentioned this in ‘the common causes of writer’s block above – this is to note how important it is. Experienced writers make mistakes just like newbies do too. The difference is that experienced writers are not afraid of making mistakes, while new writers are. When one tries to be perfect, he makes more mistakes. Sometimes, mistakes can happen; they’re unavoidable – this is why there are proofreaders who can help with it. Being more confident in your writing helps you master your writing skills and avoid writer’s block.

Take a walk – Sometimes, when writer’s block hits you, the best option is to take a walk. This lets you clear your mind of the clogs which impede your writing. I do this a lot – walking and sometimes listening to music, or talking to a friend. This has served as a relief period to refresh the mind; it can do this for you too.

Always come back to finish it – Do not forget what you left behind to get fresh air or re-strategize; always remember to finish up. My way of achieving this is to insist on finishing it. The writer’s block duration may vary. It may be less than 24hrs for some and more for others. Therefore, always think about the most plausible ways to put your work up and finish it.

No blame game – Do not conclude that you’re less of a writer because of the block you are experiencing. Do not hate yourself or beat yourself for it. You are not less of a writer – you are good. This is because I am yet to see an accomplished writer who started and finished an enormous work at a go without experiencing this same problem. You are no different!


Writer’s block is not a new topic in writing. It has been there and expounded by good writers; more are discussing it. You are not alone when you experience a block, and you can overcome it. You only need to implement the suggestions above and watch yourself excel in your writing journey with no or little hitches.

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