How Movies Affect Your Health

Why discuss how movies affect your health? Arguably, movies are a great source of entertainment and inspiration. When you are bored, you can watch a movie of your favourite genre. It could be Anime, Comedy, Drama, Adventure, Action, Suspense, Thriller, Sci-Fi, Fiction & Fantasy, and others.

Well, movies can be your hobby just like people love listening to music, and it turns out to be their hobby, swimming, cooking, and many other hobbies.

You see, movies are meant to be entertaining, but it does not just entertain us; it also influences our behaviour and the way we think.

Most importantly, movies affect our health positively, it sparks that flame in us and helps us to stay motivated.

You might be doubting that movies do play a big role in our lives. Hence I will be discussing how movies affect our health in this article.

So, without further ado, let us proceed – 

How Movies Affect Your Health1


How Movies Affect Your Health

1. Movies Provide Us with The Best Medicine (Laugh) –

Watching movies, most especially, series of comedies, drama, romance, and love, has been proven countless times to improve our mood and health.

Without reasonable doubt, most doctors will always advise you to laugh because laughing causes our blood vessels to dilate and aids in lowering our blood pressure, boosting our immune system, reducing anxiety and depression, and decreasing our stress hormones.

For the babies’ doctor, Pediatricians are certified medical personnel that have had the knowledge and experience from children and will also tell us that intense laughter for a few minutes has the same effect on our cardiac health as exercising.


2. Movies Are Therapeutic –

You might find it difficult to believe in Film Therapy if you have not tried it before, but it is real. I have, of course, tried it before.

Here is how it works, movies evoke all kinds of emotions, and psychotherapy developers have moulded movies to induce emotions and behavioural reactions as a therapeutic method.

Moreover, Film Therapy will allow you to focus, attend, and know how to tackle your pressing needs through movie content.

Well, I must admit that the movie will help you tackle your problems.


3. Stress Reliever –

Movies also relieve stress. Well, we do not need a doctor to prove this for us; you have seen it yourself if you are a movie person.

Movies allow you to calm your mind and invest your time doing better things other than thinking about how you will tackle your problems.

Movies reduce anxiety and stress levels. It does this by releasing cortisol and dopamine in the brain, and once the movie ends, you can go back to your worries, ready to tackle them with a fresh perspective.


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4. A Rise In Unwanted Emotions –

Movies have played a better part in our health – positively and negatively. 

Well, when you watch horror movies, it can affect you negatively with unwanted nightmares, and when you watch a thriller, adventure, or intense scenes, it can cause your adrenaline, blood pressure, and the rate at which your heart is pumping blood to increase.

Seeing similar events in movies that you experienced in life can take you back to thinking or flashing your life before your eyes.


5. Movies Inspire Creativity And Productivity –

There has not been any hobby like music that helps people become more creative and productive save movies. Well, I might be wrong depending on what hobby makes you happy, but I am right to a reasonable extent.

After watching quite a few educational lifestyle movies, students are likely to score higher in the subject that requires critical thinking, unlike others who did not.

In addition, do not only watch movies without reading; you definitely will not pass your tests and exams.


6. Movies Help Define You –

This might be the height of it, but it is a fact that movies help you to understand yourself more. In other words, movies help you define who you are.

It gives you the time to reflect on yourself and helps you change things you feel are not part of you.

This mostly happens with drama series. After watching similar scenes you were involved in life, you tend to know how they tackled the problem, then compare how you solved the issue and identify your characteristic approach to problem-solving.

7. Movies Are Capable Of Giving Us Mixed Feelings – 

Several studies have shown that sad and depressing movies have viewers feeling gratitude towards life and the people around them.

You see, after watching sad and depressing scenes in movies, you tend to be more cautious with your life and the people around you than before. Great thanks to movies!

Also, movies genre such as tragedies can make you more appreciative of your life.



While many people might view movies as just entertainment, this article has addressed how movies can affect our health positively and negatively.

Movies play a big role in our mental health. They help us tackle difficult issues, cure our depression and anxiety, view life more positively, and be more grateful. Movies can also make us abandon our culture and way of life, have nightmares, etc.

So, while watching movies, select the ones that will affect your health positively.


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