How Does Evelyn Hear Music?

How does Evelyn hear music when she is completely deaf? Does Evelyn actually hear music? Find the answers to the above questions and some other questions closely related to them.


Evelyn became deaf at the age of eleven. However, she did not appear. She was chosen to live a normal life and pursue her musical interests. A percussionist named Ron Forbes recognized her potential.

He asked her not to listen with her ears but to try to feel it in another way. She discovered that she could feel the upper drum from the waist up and the lower drum from the waist down.

How Evelyn Hears Music

Evelyn heard music by detecting notes in various parts of her body. When? She realized she could feel the higher drum after Ron Forbes tuned two drums and asked her to sense the sound without using her ears.

The upper drum is from the waist up, and the lower drum is from the waist down. She could feel the sound passing up the stick into her fingertips when she played the xylophone. She could feel the resonances flowing into her body by leaning against the drums.

She removed her shoes on a wooden platform so that the vibrations could pass through her bare feet. She herself stated that music permeated every part of her body. It tingled through her skin, cheekbones, and even her hair.

How Did Evelyn Succeed in Pursuing Her Interest in Music?

Evelyn made the decision not to give up. Ron Forbes was the one who saw her potential and encouraged her. He advised her to open her body and mind to the vibrations rather than listening with her ears.

She mastered the art of relating different sound vibrations on her body to different notes. The higher drum was felt from the waist up, and the lower drum was felt from the waist down. She could feel music in various parts of her body after practicing.

Evelyn was able to pursue her musical interest as a result of this.

Why was Evelyn Nervous while Going to the Royal Academy of Music?

Evelyn was nervous about attending the Royal Academy of Music because she was only 16 years old and had just returned from the Scottish farms.

How Old was Evelyn When She Went to the Royal Academy of Music?

Evelyn attended the Royal Academy of Music in London when she was seventeen years old.

When was Her Deafness First Noticed?

Her deafness was discovered at the age of eight and confirmed at the age of eleven.

Who Helped Evelyn to Continue with Music?

Everyone discouraged Evelyn’s desire to pursue a career in music. Percussionist Ron Forbes assisted and encouraged her to listen to and feel the music through her body.

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