Nature Haiku Poems

Nature Haiku Poems

Are you a fan of Haiku poems about nature? This content is largely for you. These Haiku poems about nature are examples of Haiku poems.


What are Nature Haiku Poems?

A haiku is a short poem that can be both interesting and powerful. It’s only three lines long, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy to read.

A haiku is a short poem that expresses an observation or experience in a single moment of time. It’s mostly a nature poem with a lot of vivid imagery. It frequently includes a seasonal reference as well as the juxtaposition of various images or ideas.

Sometimes the connection between the ideas is obvious. Identifying the connection may require more thought at other times. Occasionally, the contemplation may lead the reader to discover a previously unknown relationship.


Origin of Nature Haiku Poems

Haiku originated in Japan and has spread to other countries. The word “haiku” can be used in both singular and plural forms.

Some poets have deviated from the traditional pattern of five syllables in the first line, seven in the second, and five in the third.

However, the lines are still short, and traditional juxtaposition is frequently used. Though some writers avoid it, “cutting” the poem into two sections through juxtaposition is widely regarded as important in the haiku tradition. Creating haiku can be a fun challenge.


Examples of Nature Haiku Poems

Here are eight of the best Haiku Nature poems written by Imteyaz:

Winter Flowers

When it snows, winter

red roses bloom on cold cheeks

that wither in warmth


Autumn’s Masterpiece

Have you seen that red,

golden leaves paint the ground

like a sunset sky


Rainbows After Sunset

Hued ribbons adorn

the heavens; lustrous

rainbows of the night


Spring’s Arrival

Trees wear floral wreaths

and birds sing the welcoming

melody of spring


Summer Beach

The sun kissed your skin

staining it red like lipstick.

Sand tickles your feet


Heaven’s Photoshoot

When I see lightning,

I like to think that the sky

captures earth’s beauty


Heavenly Tears

It’s okay to cry.

The heavens cry too and their

tears make flowers bloom


Rainy Days

Rain means gloomy days

but sometimes for flowers to

grow they need tough love


Final Thought

The Japanese “Haiku” is a popular type of nature poem. To write a haiku, use five syllables in the first line, five  syllables in the third, and seven syllables in the second. You are free to use as many words as you want. Take a walk in nature this week and write a haiku about what you see!



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