Global E-Commerce Growth

Global E-commerce growth

Global E-Commerce Growth

While different firms, industries, companies, and entities run e-commerce businesses, do they also turn around to check the Global E-Commerce Growth?

You see, not just analyzing your E-commerce business for your brand but also analyzing it Globally gives you an idea of where E-commerce is heading, and what it has for us, the humans, in the future. However, with the information on Global E-commerce growth, you can always prepare your brand for what is there in the future to satisfy your customer’s needs.


Global E-commerce growth

Global E-Commerce Growth

The Global economy is moving in a direction that Global E-commerce Growth is expected to total or exceed $5.7 million by the end of 2022. And with this rate, E-commerce is encouraged to persist in its growth to prove that E-commerce is an essential option for businesses.

Calculating the global retail sales, 19.7% is expected to come from online purchases, which are almost $0.20 of every $1 spent on retail goods at this time is likely to be done online. Online sales are expected to continue rising, taking a larger piece of the retail market. According to analysis from economists, the e-commerce retail sales rate will hit 24%, which is regarded to be $ 8.1 trillion.

E-Commerce as a whole is giving humanity a future, but who is playing a bigger role in the E-commerce world? Well, later on in this guide, I will be addressing that. 


Global E-Commerce Biggest Sales

With total online sales reaching under $2.8 trillion, marked in 2021, China is the world’s top exporter and topmost e-commerce market.

Well, adding the United States retail sales with Chinese retail sales will sum up to more than $3.6 trillion, and of course, it is bigger than half of what accrued from the total retail e-commerce sales generated worldwide.

The United States retail sales, which sum up to almost a trillion, are still regarded as a top player in the e-commerce field, while China is regarded as the leader in the e-commerce world.

Moreover, the two bodies are seen as the powerhouse in playing as the top players in e-commerce.

Note: Other countries still matter whenever e-commerce is spoken of, but they do not generate many sales compared to the United States and China.


Covid 19, Mobile Accessibility, And Other Situations Driving E-Commerce Sales Worldwide

After the deadly virus – COVID19 struck the world in 2020, the world experienced a global pandemic and has yet to recover from different aspects, including e-commerce. Stores shut down, and buyers went online to purchase essential items.

Well, we can easily say that the Coronavirus has boosted the chances of e-commerce growth in the future and also now.

Before 2020, online purchasing was not regarded by most consumers, but after being struck by the CoronaVirus, most people moved to the internet to purchase whatever they needed to survive.

In the technology aspect, it has boosted the rate of online purchases. As of 2022, the number of people shopping online worldwide grew by 10% hitting 3.78 billion within a few months. However, more than 60% of these online purchases are noted to have proceeded with mobile devices.

So, judging from what technology has already done, e-commerce retail sales will continue to grow as far as technology is concerned.


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Top E-Commerce Companies In The World



Founded year: 2006

Founder: Tobias Lütke and Scott Lake

Headquarters: Ontario, Canada

Shopify is an e-commerce company and the largest in Canada. Its invention came in the year – 2006, and so far from statistics, Shopify is playing a good role in e-commerce.



Founded year: 1994

Founder: Jeff Bezos

Headquarters: United States

Amazon is a multinational United States technology company that deals in digital streaming services, cloud computing, AI, and e-commerce.

Amazon is one of the American biggest companies alongside Meta, Alphabet, Apple, and Microsoft.

Out of all the American biggest companies, it is regarded as one of the largest e-commerce companies worldwide.



Founded year: 1995

Founder: Pierre Omidyar

Headquarters: United States

Aside from Amazon, eBay is another big firm in the United States running e-commerce. As of today, eBay is working based on consumer-to-consumer sales on a best-offer basis as well as traditional priced-as-is sales.



Founded year: 2021

Founder: Mark Zuckerberg 

Headquarters: United States

Aside from Amazon, Meta is another e-commerce firm that is regarded to be the mother company of social media platforms, Instagram, Facebook, and WhatsApp. Its system is similar to Craigslist in terms of e-commerce.



Founded year: 1995

Founder: Craig Newmark

Headquarters: United States 

Craigslist is a United States-based e-commerce company that specializes in ad websites, similar to classifieds found in the back of newspapers, with sections for jobs, housing, items for sale, gig services, discussion forums, and more.



China has just one of the largest e-commerce companies, Alibaba compared to the United States, but the country is known as the leader in e-commerce.

China is at the top of the list because it is a top exporter worldwide. This article has addressed what you need to know to get you planning for Global E-commerce Growth.



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