Free Relaxing Things To Do in Lagos 

Are you looking to relax? Here are some Free Relaxing Things To Do in Lagos.


Lagos, a state with the slogan – Centre of Excellence – is indeed a place that speaks bespoke excellence in every area. With over 300 parks in the state, the grass can only get greener. Besides its rich cultural heritage, the state has serene and beautifully maintained parks.

It’s that time of the year when virtually all you want to do is rest, and enjoy in some calm and relaxing places, but then you are on a budget, and you have no idea what could be low-cost yet relaxing. Guess who just found out? That’s right, you just did. This article contains information on prominent parks in Lagos state in which access to them will cost you almost nothing. They include:

  1. Tinubu Square
  2. Muri Okunola Park
  3. Freedom Park
  4. Ndubisi Kanu Park
  5. Lekki Conservation Center.

Tinubu Square


Previously known as independence square, Tinubu square is a 2000 square metre piece of land located in the heart of Lagos. It is an open space, a historical landmark named after the Yoruba slave trader, madam Efunroye Tinubu. The place boasts of a water fountain, an architectural landscape with elegantly sculpted structures like the eagles, the reclining reader, the statue of the blind minstrel of Lagos Koroko the drummer, and a life-size statue of madam Tinubu.

Visiting the park with a camera is a must, as every turn promises awe-striking, jaw-dropping, picturesque scenes. If you’ve ever visited the park during the day and found the view beautiful, then do well to pay a visit at night; it is even more incredibly astounding. After all, Lagos is a city that comes alive at night. Don’t worry about your safety. Being a gated park, entry is restricted and closely monitored by the guards on duty. In the case of any emergency, there are diligent and swift guards on duty.


Muri Okunola Park 

Located along Ahmadu Bello way in Lagos, the Muri Okunola park, which was once known as Cloverleaf Park, is one such park that promises one thing for sure: Relaxation. With a beautiful and scenic view of lush greenery, it can accommodate almost 2000 people at a time and up to 500 for events with a banquet style. A perfect place to throw that end-of-the-year Lagos party.

It is a popular option for weddings, parties, videos, and photo shoots in Lagos. Also a good spot for picnics, get-togethers, and all such hangouts. With the promise of such beauty and serenity, what are you waiting for? Take yourself there this weekend and enjoy quality time with your family and friends. What about my safety? you ask. Don’t worry about that. In addition to all of its comforts, the park boasts of standby police officers of the law, should the need arise.


Freedom Park 

A leisure park, located in the heart of downtown Lagos is a large, open, and beautiful space. Once a prison, it was constructed to preserve the history and cultural heritage of Nigerians. Now, due to its serene nature and architectural landscape, it is a popular hangout spot for social events and recreational activities. A digital camera or a smartphone that supports a camera would be a wise take-along choice. You wouldn’t want to miss capturing the city of Lagos at its finest.

The freedom park breathes peace and would really be a relaxing, adventurous, and lovely way to spend your day.


Ndubisi Kanu Park 

A public park situated in Ikeja, Lagos, the Ndubisi Kanu park boasts a lawn tennis court, a basketball court, a playground for kids, and lush green grasses and trees suitable for hosting family/friends picnics and generally relaxing. Ideal for photo/video shoots, pre-wedding shoots, and birthday celebrations, it speaks the very language of relaxation. The killer combo is that although it has all these advantages, access to the park is absolutely free. Which is something you don’t see every day in Lagos.
If I were you, I wouldn’t want to miss out on any more fun this weekend. Go ahead and fix that family time you’ve always been planning to do and enjoy the city of Lagos fully.



Lekki Conservation Centre

For those of us who not only want to relax and have fun but take in a little bit of education while doing so and bond with nature, a trip to LCC, located in Lagos, is a great way to achieve that. Consisting of swamp and animal life with animals such as various birds, crocodiles, monkeys, etc, a 21-meter-high tree house, a nature trail, and a mosaic of vegetation types. The list is endless, and the possibilities are limitless. The LCC equally boasts the longest canopy walkway in Africa. The place also serves as a popular excursion site for schools as there is a lot to see and learn, especially about Lagos.

Safety is not a thing of concern as there are trained park rangers who are available as guides to direct tourists.
Of the truth, Lagos is a place for all. Everyone will always find one thing or the other of interest. All of these places are low-budget, age-group-friendly, and easily accessible kind of places that promises to leave you rejuvenated and happy you visited.


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