Free Educational Things To Do In Lagos

National museum - educational things to do in lagos

Free Educational Things To Do In Lagos

Education as we know it does not begin and end in the classroom. Some locations echo this fact, and Lagos is one of them. Here are some Free Educational Things To Do In Lagos

National museum - educational things to do in lagos

Free Educational Things To Do In Lagos

Have you ever considered Lagos as educational? Or is it just the hustle and bustle that gets your attention? As much as the city of Lagos revs with activity all day and night long, it could also be very educational and full of insights into the things of the past, present, and even the future.

There are diverse historical places in Lagos and activities that could be a source of additional learning while keeping you entertained in Lagos state, especially during this festive season. Don’t forget that Lagos can be anything and everything you want it to be, so why not make it fun and entertaining this yuletide season for your family and friends?

A form of activity that could keep you busy whenever you visit Lagos is to visit popular historical tourist sites. It keeps you entertained, busy, and most of all, aware of past and present events at little or no cost.

This article highlights three major historical tourist sites enriched with history, culture, and adventure.


National Museum

Established in 1957, the Nigerian National Museum is located at Onikan, Lagos Island. Founded by the English archaeologist, Kenneth Murray, it contains pieces of exquisite art, which include statuary carvings and archaeological and ethnographic exhibits.

The museum was built with the primary aim of protecting and preserving diverse historical artefacts of Nigeria. This is due to the richness that Lagos holds.

The museum houses diverse collections from different cultural groups, such as masks, textiles, drums, dane guns, wooden figures, clay pots, statues, traditional musical instruments, divination bowls, ancestral figures made of wood, jewellery, textiles, and so much more.

What more are you waiting for? When next you are in Lagos or if you are staying in Lagos, schedule a visit there today and learn about our country’s heritage than you could possibly learn by merely sitting in the classroom.


Kalakuta Republic Museum

Kalakuta Republic Museum

A three-storey house located in Ikeja, Lagos, is the actual house where the legendary king of Afro beats, Fela Anikulapo Kuti, lived with his family.

First situated at Surelere, Lagos, until a particular attack by the army on Fela and every resident of the house in 1977. Fela rebuilt the republic after he got back on his feet.

The name, ‘Kalakuta’, is from a Swahili word that means ‘rascal’. This name was given to Fela after a particular prison term he served on grounds of suspected possession of weed (marijuana).

The current building which serves as the museum owes its renovation to Arc. Theo Lawson and Fela’s eldest daughter, Yeni. It was officially opened on October 15, 2012, and is managed by Fela’s son, Kunle. Articles on display include Fela’s personal belongings, such as his clothes, shoes, album covers, and some of his musical instruments. The highlight of the house is Fela’s personal bedroom, which has been preserved the same way he left it.

Lagos is known as a place with diverse cultures and interests, so if you are an afro beat lover who would want to see a glimpse of the past of this legend, then it’s time to pay homage to a past hero. You can soak up all this history in Lagos.


Black Heritage Museum

The black heritage museum, otherwise known as the Badagry heritage museum, is one of the oldest tourist sites in Nigeria. It is located in the melting point of Nigeria, which is Lagos. Found along the Badagry Marina, it was the pioneer colonial administrative office in Nigeria. It was built in Lagos in 1863 with the primary purpose of seeing to the daily administrative needs of the British government of Nigeria.

By August 22, 2002, it was inaugurated by Senator Bola Ahmed Tinubu, the then governor of Lagos state, as a museum on the occasion of the black heritage festival in Badagry.

The museum contains firsthand information on everything that concerns the slave trade era and the people of Badagry as a whole. Divided into eight (8) major sections, it showcases the capture, transporting, pieces of equipment, slave resistance and their subsequent punishment, the slave industry, the adaptation of the slaves by their slave masters, and the subsequent abolition of the slave trade.

It also houses various relics, such as the chains used to capture the slaves, a miniature of the ship used to transport the slaves, and other such monuments. It stands today as a symbol of an era when the cries of the black man could be heard audibly.

So if you harbour a strong desire to know more about the culture and history of the Badagry people or the slave trade era, a trip to the black heritage museum in Lagos is all you need.

You see, Lagos is a state rich in history and culture, as such living in Lagos or paying a visit can never be a bore.


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