Free Adventurous Things To do In Lagos

For lovers of adventure, everywhere they go, they search out things to fill their adventurous hunger. Here are Free Adventurous Things To do In Lagos.


Let’s say you don’t want to go on a picnic or view any more art collections but still looking for ways to fully enjoy your stay in Lagos. It is still very possible. The exciting part about Lagos is the fact that Lagos can be anything you want it to be.

Lagos is one such place that has been blessed with historical landmarks and places to see. And if it’s meant for your viewing pleasure, why not explore it? If you love classic outings and luxuries of that sort, but currently, you are on a low budget, this article is for you. Let’s delve right in.


The Cathedral Church of Christ

aid to be one of the best landmarks in Lagos, the cathedral church of Christ is located in the Marina, Lagos Island. The cathedral was completed in the year 1946, and it is a Norman gothic architectural type building. Some say the foundation stone was laid by the Prince of Wales (Later King Edward VIII) on the 21st day of April 1925 and was completed in 1946. It is popularly known as the oldest Anglican cathedral and is the current seat of the bishop of Lagos.

The church just recently celebrated its 150th anniversary as a church and has a notable history, such as the visit of Queen Elizabeth and her husband in 1956 and Princess Alexandria on independence day service in the year 1960.
A history-rich building as such is definitely an a-must form of adventure.


Iga Idunganran

In Lagos, this location is open to tourists. However, it requires permission before one can access it. The IGA IDUNGANRAN is the palace of the oba(the traditional rulers of Lagos). It was built in 1670.

The name IGA IDUNGANRAN, according to Yoruba breakdown and translation, means the ‘palace built on a pepper farm’. They are two shrines present in the palace, the èsú and the ògún shrine. The èsú shrine is located at the exit gate of the palace, and the ògún shrine is situated outside the present walls of the palace.

At times, special rituals are conducted in the palace by the Araba of Lagos, chief Ajanaku. This is a real-life palace we are talking about. What better form of entertainment could one seek?


Legacy Railway Museum

Situated in the Ebutte metta area of Lagos, it is also called the Jaekel house museum, named after Francis Jaekel, a one-time superintendent of the Nigerian railway corporation.
It was built in 1898 to preserve the railway compound and its monuments. It is a 2-storey colonial mansion that is managed by Legacy 1995.

This piece of history has been used as a location in some movie scenes such as Kunle Afolanyans movie, October 1, The Herbert Macaulay affair, and so on. So if you are interested in the early days of railway development, a stroll here might be the best decision.



Tafewa Balewa Square

Originally called a race course, the Tafewa Balewa Square is a 14.5-hectare (35.8 acres) ground. Named after Nigeria’s first prime minister, it was originally intended as a sports field with sections for football, horse racing, and cricket. With a capacity for over 50,000 people, the square includes facilities like a shopping centre, airline travel agencies, restaurants, car parking, and a bus terminal.

It equally contains looming architectural structures, which include: the four white horses, seven red eagles (symbols from the national emblem), the remembrance arcade(with memorials from world war 1 and 2 and the Nigerian civil war victims), and the independence house. The square promises a trip back in time, and a little taste of our hero’s past.



Choice Malls

Now for those of us who believe in the saying ‘shop till you drop’, but then it’s window shopping you are game for or wouldn’t mind taking a stroll into various stores just for the fun of it, then Lagos state offers endless possibilities in that regard.

From Palms mall at Maroko, Lekki Ikeja City mall at Ikeja, Lagos, Lekki mall at Eti-Osa, Lagos, Circle mall at Lekki Peninsula, Lagos, Mega Plaza at Victoria Island, Lagos to Worth Thanks at Victoria Island, Lagos has quite several options for plaza lovers.

Put on your flips already and get going for the beauties of diverse stores that await your exploration.

You will agree with me that whether you are on a low budget or not, Lagos screams one language: Explore. So we urge you to do just that.


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