Foods Nigerians Cannot Live Without

Out of thousands of foods in Nigeria, do you know that there are foods Nigerians cannot live without? That might sound like a shock to you or even a “clickbait,” but there are indeed foods Nigerians cannot live without.

Speaking of the foods Nigerians cannot live without, some of these foods can take a long time to prepare, and some you can make in no time. Some of these foods do not require ingredients to get them done.

At this juncture, you might be wondering what these foods are and how they taste. You see, in this article, I will be addressing everything you need to know regarding foods Nigerians cannot live without. Also, I would not want to tell you stories that bore you, so let us proceed –

Jollof and white rice sereved together


Foods Nigerians Cannot Live Without

What I mean by foods Nigerians cannot live without is not that these foods are herbs, and Nigerians will pass out if they do not take them. Instead, these foods are foods Nigerians love to take in the morning, afternoon, or night. According to reports, every Nigerian takes any of these foods at least once a week.

Below are the foods Nigerians cannot live without – 


To Nigerians, Garri is a lifesaver. It is the most eaten food in Nigeria, produced from cassava and also known as cassava flakes. Garri is the simplest food you can get anywhere in Nigeria. Also, adding sugar, water, groundnut, and garri together is usually considered a good combo in Nigeria.

Garri, on the other hand, can be used to make eba. That is if you use boiled water on it. Eba is eaten with various types of soup like egusi, ogbono, afang, etc.


Rice is one of the foods planted in the northern and southeastern parts of Nigeria. You can buy it from any local store in Nigeria. You see, with rice, any Nigerian is okay. However, each Nigerian has a way of preparing rice. Some Nigerians use refined tomatoes, some prefer fresh tomatoes, while some use palm oil. It all depends on their taste in rice. The different types of rice dishes that Nigerians love include jollof rice, fried rice, ofada rice, coconut rice, and rice and stew. In case you are wondering which of these dishes is most common and most famous – it is the jollof rice.

Moi MoiBeans

Beans is another food Nigerian cannot just let go of easily. With beans, Nigerians can find happiness and peace of mind especially when plantain, bread, or garri is involved.

That is to tell you that, Nigerians can eat beans and garri, beans and bread, and beans and plantain as a combo.

However, beans is also grown in the northern region of Nigeria. Beans can be porridge, Jollof, or white, eaten with stew. It can also be made into Akara (bean balls) or Moi Moi (bean pudding).


Plantain is among the foods Nigerians crave; they rather eat plantain for a whole week than stay starved. Nigerians have different methods of preparing plantain, some people boil it, some fry it, and some smoke them and roast them.

Both ripe and unripe plantain are eaten in Nigeria. Plantain is commonly grown in different regions of Nigeria.


It is difficult to locate a Nigerian who does not like noodles. Though they are Nigerians who do not like indomie, that does not mean they do not like some other noodles like spaghetti.

Nigerians can take spaghetti mixed with stew and even scrambled eggs.


Bread is one of the most affordable foods in Nigeria. With just 100 Naira, you could get bread that is worth your money in Nigeria. Being affordable contributes to why Nigerians prefer bread. Most Nigerians have gotten to the extent of using bread to sip garri, and they seem happy each time they take such a combo. Nigerians eat bread with butter or margarine, bread with beans, bread with Akara, bread with egg, bread with stew, and the list goes on.


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Most Popular Foods In Nigeria

The most popular food in Nigeria is Bread and Garri. You barely see these foods being unavailable at any Nigerian store.

Well, these foods could be popular due to how affordable they are.

What Food Do Nigerians Typically Eat?

Every typical Nigerian will pick garri if ever asked – what foods do Nigerians typically eat? Garri is the most eaten food in Nigeria. It is easily processed, and it is quick and easy to prepare compared to any fast food in Nigeria.

How Healthy Are Nigerian Foods?

Nigerian foods contain a lot of cholesterol and calories, which may expose the body to stroke, heart attack, and even diabetes. The cholesterol level is mainly because Nigerians use a lot of oil in making their dishes. Hence, you should make your meals healthy and eat balanced diets to ensure good health.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Nigerian Foods Healthy At All?

That will depend on how the food is prepared and the amount consumed per meal. Some foods like fufu have high calories; you should eat them in smaller amounts. Reducing the amount of oil used in making your Nigerian dishes will also make them healthier. However, street foods may not be healthy, and you are advised not to eat them if you are not used to such.

Is Fufu Good For Weight Loss

No, fufu has a high-calorie level that is up to 330%, hence it is not good for weight loss.


You need good food to stay healthy. So, no matter the situation, always try to provide yourself with healthy choices of meals. Do not risk your health for the love of a particular food. 


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