Exciting Places In Nigeria To Visit Before 30

There are many exciting places to visit in Nigeria. The list below describes places you may have heard about but unsure of how interesting it gets when you visit…

Exciting Places In Nigeria To Visit Before 30

Nigeria is a pretty, wonderful place with its lakes, tourist sites, and adventurous spots. It can be overwhelming to find the best places to visit, especially if you are thirty and have many phobias (just like most people). Nevertheless, you should keep in mind that exploration and tourism always come with risks, and it is the risk-taking that makes it fun.

So if you are looking for what to put on your bucket list, visiting these places should be number one. Spoiler alert! – tourism helps keep your youthful energy alive, especially when you visit new exciting places.

They say real life begins at 30; the past 29 years have just been a practice. The perfect time to begin to aim for the stars, put your life in check, and focus on family, life, and career is at 30 because when you get to 40, it takes a downturn, and you begin to see life from another perspective. However, before you get to the big 30, let’s take you on a journey. Here’s a list of exciting, daring, romantic, and somewhat scary places you should visit in Nigeria.


1. Ikogosi Warm Springs:

The alluring Ikogosi spring where fire meets ice! It is located close to the town of Ikogosi in Ekiti state, southwestern Nigeria. The warm spring is famous for it is the converging of two different springs that never meet. It is believed that the spring symbolizes the two wives of a great hunter named Awopereige, and the lush vegetation surrounding them is their husband.


2. Ibeno Beach: 

The longest sand beach in west Africa Quaiboe estuary region is home to beautiful white sand, top relaxation spots, rich highlife, and mouthwatering cuisines to make your stay enjoyable. Ibeno Beach is located in Akwa Ibom State, South-south Nigeria.


3. Jabi Lake Mall:

This extensive one-stop leisure, restaurant, and retail destination are on the shores of Jabi lake in Abuja, Nigeria. It is the second-largest mall in Abuja and the third-largest in the country. So, head on there and get yourself all the fancy home equipment, skin care products, snacks (both healthy and unhealthy), and so much more.


4. Abiriba Village:

The ancient Enuda kingdom in Abia state, Southeastern Nigeria, Abiriba is said to be the most beautiful community in Nigeria. If you are looking for somewhere beautiful, exotic, and rich in cultural heritage, Abiriba is your best bet!


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5. Iyake Hanging Lake:

There are only two recognized lakes in the world, and one of them is found in the Iseyin local government area of Oyo state. A lake on the top of a mountain. How cool is that?!


6. Yankari Game Reserve:

This is the largest game reserve in the country and one of the most popular sites for tourists in Nigeria. It is situated in Northeast Nigeria, Bauchi State. This natural reserve is home to several animals, ancient sandstone cisterns, as well as the Wiki warm spring.

La campagne tropicana

7. La Campagne Tropicana:

If you’re looking to meet the one percent of the exclusive one percent in the metropolitan city of Lagos, then this African-themed beach in Lekki, Lagos, Nigeria, is your best bet. An epitome of the African culture. It has everything you are looking for, from exotic meals to lively evening shows that are guaranteed to keep you grinning all night. ‘No.’ You don’t have a choice of feeling any worries when the staff of this exclusive establishment is nicer than a dog that was just called a good boy.


8. Osun Oshogbo Sacred Groove:

This sacred place is one of the last sacred forests of the ancient Yoruba civilization. It is located along the river banks of the famous Osun river in Osun state, Nigeria. The area was dedicated to Osun, the Yoruba goddess of fertility. The region prides itself in being the largest of the sacred grooves that have survived till the present.


9. Idanre Hills:

This is home to one of the most beautiful landscapes in Ondo state, Nigeria, and a host of varieties of cultural sites, which led to its nomination for the UNESCO world heritage site shortlist. Idanre Hills is a magnificent beauty!


10. Zuma Rock:

One of the natural figures of the Nigerian 100 naira currency note, is also known as the gateway of Abuja or the gate to the Afterworld as the locals call it. This historic site is believed to sit on a large body of water and has many unexplored places even today. These locations are as scary as they are thrilling. 


So, when you are done with work for the year and

thinking of where to go and embrace our rich African culture, these places are the best places to go. They don’t only encourage our rich culture, but they also bring us closer to our ancestors.


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