Ethnic Groups in Nigeria

Do you know about the ethnic groups in Nigeria

Do you know the number of ethnic groups in Nigeria? Well, this article will enlighten you on this topic.

ethnic groups in Nigeria

Ethnic Groups in Nigeria

Nigeria is an African country with a creation story that traces back to the British government. However, this story has also been of help in tracing back the formation of ethnicities in Nigeria.

Even most Nigerians are not well informed about certain ethnic groups in the country. So, in this article, I will be talking about the ethnicities of Nigeria.

So, without wasting time on things that bore you, let us proceed.


Nigeria as a country is estimated to have close or more than 300 ethnic groups, with over 197 million people divided into these tribes. 

However, some states in Nigeria have more than 58 ethnic groups. Below are some of the ethnic groups in Nigeria –

  • Annang people
  • Igala people
  • Erik
  • Ibibio people
  • Idoma people
  • Ham people
  • Zarma people
  • Yoruba people
  • Wodaabe
  • Vaghat people
  • Tiv people
  • Tarok people
  • Saro people
  • Oron people
  • Nupe
  • Ika people
  • Ijaw people
  • Hausa
  • Hausa – Fulani Arabs
  • Higgi
  • Hausa -Fulani
  • Eket
  • Chamba people
  • Igbo, and a lot of others.

Most of the ethnic groups listed here are known as minor ethnic groups. There are three major ethnic groups in Nigeria.

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What Are The Major Ethnic Groups In Nigeria?

Out of 250+ ethnic groups that exist in Nigeria, just three are considered major ethnic groups due to their population. These include –

  • Hausa – Northern region
  • Yoruba – Western region
  • Igbo – Eastern region


Which Tribe Is The Biggest In Nigeria?

The Hausa tribe is considered the largest tribe to ever exist in Nigeria. The approximate value of the Hausa people is about 25% of the population of Nigeria.

Hausaland has existed in the northern part of Nigeria for years, and it lies between the River Niger and Lake Chad.

The main Religion of the Hausa people is Islam. It is claimed that Islam was brought to them by Mali and Guinea traders during trade exchange days.

The Hausa people are known for speaking the Hausa language, although they also speak the English language.


Which Tribe Is First In Nigeria?

The Nri Kingdom is the oldest tribe in Nigeria, and it is believed that the Igbo are descendants of the Nri Kingdom.

They are 18% of the Nigerian population. The Igbo people have many costumes and traditions found in Southeast Nigeria.

Before colonization, the Igbo had their belief. However, after colonization, the majority of the people from Igbo converted to practice one of the Abrahamic religions, Christianity, with most of them becoming Catholic. 


Frequently Asked Questions


Can I Join Any Tribe Of My Choice In Nigeria?

Yes, you can choose where you want to reside. In making marriage choices, people go further to choose a tribe, and it is common practice in Nigeria that most parents do not let their children marry from another tribe except theirs.

How Many Ethnic Groups Are In Nigeria?

There are over 300 ethnic groups in Nigeria and over 520 estimated languages spoken in Nigeria. 

Does A Tribe Type Affect My Career?

Yes, a Tribe can affect your career. Most job owners do not like issuing jobs to people who are not from their tribe. They prefer to keep a vacancy in their business.

There were also different times when poverty alleviation programs were created to support all Nigerians, but the front-runners issued these opportunities only to their tribe.

The indigenous people of Nigeria tend to show loyalty to their tribe rather than Nigeria as a country.

Is Belonging To A Tribe Important?

Yes, having a tribe is important. Although we can not make choices of a tribe, as an indigenous woman of Nigeria, you can select where you want your child to come from through marriage.



Most Nigerians rarely disrespect their ethnic groups, they show loyalty to them, and they do not also tolerate any form of blasphemy against them.

This post has addressed everything that you need to know regarding ethnic groups in Nigeria. Some ethnic groups have also been listed. Add to the list by leaving a comment below.


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