Effects of Movies on Society – The Good and the Bad

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Effects of Movies on Society – The Good and the Bad

All genres of movies are good sources of entertainment, just like music and other hobbies matter in human lives. It is often fun seeing humans discussing movies such as Drama, Anime, Fiction and Fantasy, Horror, Action, Adventure, Suspense, etc. However, have you considered the effects of movies on society?

On the other hand, the effects of movies on society today can be positive, on the other, negative or neutral. These effects may escalate or tilt to the bad because most parents, guardians, and TV productions are showing less concern. Oftentimes, I have seen children under the influence of movies (they risk their lives to look like their favourite characters only to cause more problems for themselves).

Well, I am not condemning movies in our society, as cinematography has always been a source of inspiration too. Cinematography has been influencing lives positively, and in this article, I will outline the effects of movies on society – the good and the bad.

Positive effects of movies

Effects of Movies on Society

Just like I stated earlier, movies can affect life positively, negatively, or do not affect one’s life.

Below are the effects of movies on society (the good and bad) –


Good (Positive) Effects Of Movies On Society

1. Source of Entertainment –

Cinematography is a perfect source of entertainment. It is always ready to make your day and spice your entire life.

If you are having a boring day, you can get rid of the boredom and have fun filling it with watching movies of your favourite genre.


2. It Strengthens the Bond Between You and the People Around –

Meeting with people, sometimes, can be a bit tiring or stressful if you do not know how to spice up discussions, make small talk, and hate to make people feel bad around you.

Here is something that can bail you out – you can always watch movies with the people around you to strengthen the bond if you are bad at informal conversations.


3. Source of Inspiration –

Movies are a great source of inspiration. It helps you get inspired and motivated by famous personalities and storylines.

It will help you know more about these personalities, their dreams, and how they achieved them.

In addition, movies can help inspire you to dream and make your dream a reality.


4. It Creates Awareness – 

You see, you do not always have time to ask people around you what is happening in society. Movies address and feature things happening. Movies feature things happening around us. These could be technology, culture, business ideas, and much more.

Well, most technology we are seeing today, most of us, first of all, saw it in movies.


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5. Violence Reduction –

Somehow, movies have reduced the violence conducted in our society. The most popular movie genre is drama. I must admit that it has played a big role in reducing violence in society.

You see, young people love watching movies about relationships, rumours, violence, intrigues, bullying, suspense, and others.

From watching movies with these scenes, they were introduced to characters that helped them differentiate between good and evil.

So, many movies have helped reduce violence in our society effectively.


6. Education Importance –

Most Gen Zs will not agree to take advice from their parents and guardians about educational activities.

Well, with the help of movies, many of them have seen the outcome of carrying out certain education-related activities.

The youths somehow seem more interested in what a movie is about than what their parents say.

However, this is why filmmakers always make miserable people in movies who do not have a good educational background to not secure good jobs or people with poor attitudes land in trouble.

For years now, this idea has helped most young people put more effort into their studies, so they will not be useless to society.


7. Critical Thinking –

I must admit that movies have helped men to be more decisive in judgment. A lot of movies, such as Sci-Fi, have great lessons, especially on choices involving critical thinking.

Believe me, most students will not understand how most things work in science but watching Science-fiction movies will give them an eye-opener and increase the way they think critically.

This can also help them solve complex science puzzles.

Negative effects of movies


Bad (Negative) Effects Of Movies On Society

1. Adult Content – 

Most movies these days have adult content that spoils college/younger students if they are exposed to them.

These movies do not just influence the way they do things, but they also mess with their mentality too.


2. Bad Influence –

People have been influenced negatively by movies. They have learnt bad and wrong habits such as drinking alcohol, smoking, partying, and others, which are shown in these movies.

Moreover, such movies should not be allowed for children; they are adult contents, which parents must ensure the teens and younger children are not exposed to.


3. Abusive Slangs –

A few movies have abusive slang or provoking messages, which could cause conflicts, hatred, and misunderstanding between people.

Well, I understand that without these words, the movie might not be up to the taste of the filmmakers, but it has affected a lot of people’s mentality negatively.



Cinematography plays a big role in our lives. Hence filmmakers must understand the value films add to our lives and ensure the appropriate theme and harmony are used to help change society and people’s lives positively.

In addition, most TV productions will tell you about the content of a movie before you proceed to watch, and most will have you agree to their terms and conditions before you can watch their content.

Moreover, you should watch movies to gain knowledge, positively and not let it affect you negatively.


Writer: Udeme White  

Reviewer and Editor: Chinyere Nwosu

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