Draw me a Veve

Draw me a Veve

by Darryl Wawa


Draw me a Veve

a second impression
like a slap at the Oscars

Remember old TVs
and white noise
bulky frames
back when televisions had asses

A boy lived on a magic black hill then
called the “Black Hill”
Montagne Noire
in French

you could say
he was the nigger on the hill

and the greenleaves
and foliage of his childhood
dance now like a boat to America
and back
and forth

He tells me stories
of what it’s like
to see black from white
black from mulato
and I understand that
black as an identity
He tells me his began with rap
though he is also
part middle eastern
part Asian
He digs rap

We ate Dragonfruit
and Ocra
in Jamestown, Charleston
South Carolina
Myrtle beach
first time I saw a plantation
outside of Haiti

Well I rembered those old TVs
that sold me dreams
rewrittens, ideas of high school
the rewind button
other people’s prom nights
and all of the images
and betrayals
and conceit
and desires
and playing Remy Lebeau’s
southern accent
and things that actually happened
when I came to America

The advertised promise
gave me feet and ether
shoulders that could handle
an Orphic look back
shoulders that wouldn’t forget
this Orphic look back
and a booty to go under it
if the Channel surfing
did indeed trigger such a

White noise
swag surfing in white noise
black boy with blonde hair
black boy that had wanted
to make better films
like a nerdy white man
or an old Spike Lee joint
not the stuff on TV
but “Pulp Fiction” or “Deadman”
or “Do The Right Thing”
where they could say
that’s a smart nigger
be they black or white
or anything
a story where it’d have
a nigger that looked like him
a movie staring Sam Jackson
and Halle Berry

the squawk, squwak and squaw
the snivel and squall
all of the marvels of the new TVs
that boy tells me
he ain’t havin’ none of it
he says it’s all this Covid
and Omnicron people have
running around
and they try to sell it to ya
like Colonel Sanders
selling chicken
on TV

for a boy that dreams
because in some way
I became that black boy’s dream
dreaming during a pandemic


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