Creative ways to comfortably learn any Nigerian language

Nigeria is one of the countries with a variety of interesting languages. Some of these languages are beginning to make their way onto the world stage. Do you wish to learn a Nigerian language? We have prepared some Creative ways to comfortably learn any Nigerian language just for you. Read on to find how you can leverage the skill.


Learn Nigerian Languages

Creative ways to comfortably learn any Nigerian language

Learning to speak any Nigerian language can sometimes be very difficult for foreigners and even Nigerians trying to learn a new language. Nigeria has 500+ languages. Yes, we know it’s much, but you can’t blame Nigerians. Do you remember the story of how different languages came to be? You do not? Oh, don’t worry, we will help you.

So some people decided that it would be a wise idea to build a temple that reaches Heaven, and when God got angry, he gave them different languages to confuse them. So Nigerian languages are actually from God, regardless of how plenty they are. But sometimes, it can get very confusing to learn these languages. That’s why we came up with these creative ways you can learn any Nigerian language, be it Yoruba, Hausa, Igbo, Tiv, Ibibio, etc., comfortably.


Ways to learn how to speak a Nigerian language comfortably


1. Be Passionate About It:

It is impossible to learn any new language if you are not enthusiastic about it. They are people, who were born in Lagos and have lived there all their lives but are still unable to make a single statement in Yoruba. This is simply because they don’t care that much for the language. It’s not all about loving how the language sounds; you must be willing to go through the stress of learning it and to effectively do this, you must be passionate about the language. 

Finding a good reason for why you want to learn the language is the right way to start. Spoiler alert, the reason you choose shouldn’t be to impress your girlfriend or boss; these are fleeting feelings that won’t last very long. A valid reason could be you want to relate well with Nigerians or live in any part of Nigeria and comfortably interact with people.


2. Watch Nigerian Movies: 

This may just be the simplest step to learning a Nigerian language. We learn every day, especially from what we see and hear. So if you have a particular language that you are already interested in learning, you can try watching Nigerian movies that use that language to communicate. It doesn’t matter if you are watching it on YouTube or satellite TV. What matters is that you binge-watch these Nigerian movies; you try as much as possible to speak along with them. Begin with the simple ones, like how they greet and pronounce their food. It doesn’t matter if you do not get everything right straight away; just keep trying.


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3. Hang Out With Nigerian Friends: 

Research conducted by us has shown that if you want to effectively learn a new Nigerian language, and if you are very passionate about it, you can start hanging out with Nigerians who speak that particular language. This goes a long way in helping you understand what they are saying, bit by bit. It’s like watching a Nigerian movie, just that this one doesn’t have an ending. So every day, you are learning this language as you hear your friends speak it. If you want to take it to a higher level, you can date a man or woman who speaks the language you wish to learn.


4. Use Nigerian Language Learning Apps: 

There are lots of free apps (though some aren’t) that can teach anybody how to speak the 500+ Nigerian Languages. You can find these apps on the Google Play Store or search for them using the Google search engine. Examples of these apps include Igbò Amáká, Izesan, Speak Esan, Nkuzi Igbo, TalkaSoft, and so much more. Some people do not like to learn using an app, but we have discovered another simpler way of doing this. 

The trick is to learn one word per day, then inject it into your sentences while speaking. Now, we must warn you; you may not be perfect at first, and people may laugh at you, but you should never relent in the effort. You must keep at it until you get better.

5. Speak Nigerian Language Often: 

Practice, they say, makes perfect. So to perfect your skill of speaking any Nigerian language of your choice, you have to actually speak it. This boils down to having Nigerian friends who speak this language. It will be easier to speak it if you have someone that already knows it and can correct you when you are wrong. But if you don’t have Nigerians living close to you, you can always make these friends on an online platform like Facebook. 

We advise that you start speaking from the very first day you start learning the language. When you want to start learning the language, choose conversation topics to use daily, like food, clothes, cooking, eating, etc.

There are several ways you can use and master any Nigerian language. Start with these basic steps and apply them. You would be well on your way to becoming a master in the Nigerian language you desire to learn.



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