Creative Tips For Travelling In Nigeria

Have you been to Nigeria before, or this is your first visit, or maybe you are Nigerian or in Nigeria but needs to visit another location from yours? This article is for you; you will find some creative tips for travelling in Nigeria to guide your trip and stay. Enjoy your trip!


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Creative Tips For Travelling In Nigeria

If you haven’t travelled to Nigeria before, you may be scared to book flight tickets. Especially when you go online or watch the news and hear about all the terrible things happening in the country. Nowadays, it is very easy for someone to get robbed, scammed, or even get sick. That is a sure way of ruining your travel experience. Now, we are not trying to scare you. Nigeria is a safe country to move around in, thanks to our government, but still, it’s better to be safe than sorry, so here are some creative tips to know for when next you want to travel.


1. Write down emergency information:

When you travel to an unknown state in Nigeria, you may not locate the nearest police station easily if something bad happens. Spoiler alert, even if you have a map right in front of you, your current state of being stressed out and panicking will not allow you to think straight. We advise you to get the numbers of the local police station or ambulance services and store them in your phone. This will help you retrieve the numbers whenever you want them.


2. Learn common travel scams: 

“It pays to be exposed.” That’s what you will hear youths say. And they are not wrong. When you travel to a new place, there is a high chance of one or two people wanting to scam you. They may want to rid you of your hard-earned cash; this may just turn your trip, which was supposed to be calming, into a nightmare. So, do what the youth says, get some exposure, and find out the scam language of the place you are currently or plan to stay at.


3. Protect your valuables: 

Even though you are travelling with few valuable things, it is still very important to them safe. When shopping for travel bags, you may think that you are getting the best bag for when you want to travel, but it can be so easy for anyone to tear the side and take whatever valuable thing you have in there. So, when travelling with your valuables, which should be only, when it’s necessary, you must ensure that you keep a close eye on those valuables and if you are on a night bus and you have to sleep, then use the bag that contains your valuables as a pillow. Also, ensure that there is no way a fellow travelling neighbour can cut through the bag without your knowledge.


4. Seek help from the locals: 

When you have successfully travelled to a new place, it is advisable to seek help from the locals. You should ask sensitive questions to help you know which areas you should stay clear off and which you should walk around majestically. However, if you ask a local about which side of the town is sketchy and which is not, don’t just take his word for it; ask another local the same question. In our research, we have found out that the best people to get this knowledge from are taxi drivers, and hotel front desk workers are great sources of information. But still, be on high alert when you travel to a new place.


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5. Tell someone you are close to where you are: 

Again, it’s better to be safe than sorry. The best way to achieve this is by letting someone know where you are when you travel; if possible, sharing your itinerary with this trusted person. It doesn’t only end there. Try to check up on them from time to time to update them on your plans and movement.


6. Use ATMs wisely: 

You may have been told severally to cover your hand when inputting your ATM PIN; this is good advice that you must follow because the person next in line can be looking at the numbers you are inputting, or they could be cameras in the ATM booth. Be careful to avoid the Lebanese Loop trick. This is mostly when a thin plastic sleeve captures your card, thereby preventing the machine from reading it, and then as soon as you walk away, a thief yanks it out and runs away. To avoid this, as soon as it slides into the machine, run your hand along the card slot to see if your card is protruding. Also, never let anyone ‘help’ you with your transaction.


Additional travel tips include;

1. Travel in groups but if you must travel alone, make sure that you make new friends when you get to your location and go site seeing together.

2. Don’t put things in your back pocket. There is the fastest way to lose your stuff. It is easier for someone to steal from you without you noticing. Front pockets are better.

3. Your body may be aware of the danger before your brain even senses it, so it’s always good to trust your instincts. If you are uneasy, find out what the problem is before you conclude.

4. When you travel, stay sober. You can have a few drinks here and there, but don’t go over with it. Try and keep your mind clear in case anything happens.

5. Ensure that you are with your first aid kit. When you travel to a new place, you may likely have some injuries while exploring, so ensure that you have access to quick medical treatment.

6. Be confident. When you travel to a new place, there is every tendency that you may easily get scared. Try as much as possible to avoid showing it. Keep your head high, stay alert, and show you are not scared. When potential attackers see this, they will go to an easier victim.

7. Learn how to fight. You don’t have to become an IP man but at least know some basic self-defense tricks.

8. Do not take your eyes away from your bag.

9. Know your limits. Don’t climb to the top of the mountain just to get a perfect shot when you know very well that you are scared of heights.

10. Do not share too many personal details with strangers.

So that’s it, guys. Remember, when you travel to a new place, have fun and stay safe!


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