Do you want to become a copy writer or simply trying to get your head around this whole business of copywriting? Read on to find what copywriting is about and the different types. This article will also help you know where you fit.



Copywriting is a different niche in the writing industry and is almost the most important tool for advertising. Designing the market product and writing persuasive words that drive a good audience and bring an effective approach to the target market. You may be about your everyday business without knowing how much copywriting you have come across – you are simply not paying attention to it.

In today’s world, copywriting is one of the skills that are both common and rare. Commonly, everybody ignores it without knowing it. Then it is rare that many writers do not venture into it as their niche. Good copywriting skill equips you with the ability to persuade your readers and turn them into your clients.


What does Copywriting mean?

Copywriting can be seen as a science and an art. It is best defined as the skillful writing of persuasive words meant for marketing and promoting items or goods, prompting action, or reacting to a particular cause. These persuasive words are called ‘copy’ in copywriting, while the writers are called copywriters. Some or most of the emails we receive daily can also be tagged as copywriting.

Copywriting is meant for advertising materials, products, or events online and offline. In many cases, graphic designs, videos, and gifs accompany this persuasion to motivate the targeted audience and convince them to take a particular action.

Copywriting is distinctively different from a copyright – they are simply homonyms. Copyright is the right accorded to the original owner of a work or product.


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Works of a Copywriter

Copywriting extends to many areas we have overlooked. Every form of advertising we see daily in our emails, newspapers, products, vehicles, journals, blogs, etc., are parts of copywriting. The works of a copywriter are different according to the niche. Many copywriters focus on a particular niche and leave other fields out of bounds. This makes some of them focus on working differently as the copywriting practice is based on perception.


Some of the works of copywriters include:

❖ Persuasive content creation is the most paramount aspect of copywriting. When your readers see a refined persuasive writing skill, the proximity of their conviction is absolute.

❖ Product Description – When writing a copy, you must include your services or that of your employer. Detailed information magnets a reader’s mind and prompts him to react to the newly found information.

❖ Always proofread your copy before sending them out. For many, grammatical errors are a turnoff. The cohesion of a copy attracts your readers and turns them into your prospective clients.

❖ Researching your competitors – This is an excellent way to improve your products and services. If you do not research your competitors and the market, you may be stuck. To know what your clients want, a copywriter must investigate the market, learn, and add value to his products before advertising.

❖ A better understanding of your customers makes you a good copywriter. They point out their dissatisfaction and let you tend it. You write according to their satisfaction and how new clients are to benefit from your products.

❖ Being a copywriter, you can work as a project manager where you initiate ideas and topics on how best to execute. You also will have to work with other people, a team, or creators like yourself. Brainstorming is necessary for every business, and no man is an island.


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Types of copywriting


1. B2B Copywriting (Business to Business)

This form of copywriting is where a copywriter writes a copy to convince other businesses rather than customers. This is just the same scenario given in business economics – the business chain.

Manufacturer – wholesaler – retailer – the consumer

Mostly in copywriting of this sort, the first and

second chain of business is involved. This type of copywriting involves a big business consulting another business and vice versa rather than individuals.

2. Content Marketing

Content creation is the activity of creating a post to be engaged in – the kind of post you’re reading on this page. This includes blog posts, products, journals, articles, etc. content marketing mainly educates readers. This niche transcends beyond selling products. Content marketing includes blog posts, e-books,

case studies, e-newsletters, whitepapers, news releases, emails, social media posts, etc.

3. Creative Copywriting

When you engage in creative copywriting, you become ‘creative’, fun, and entertaining to be able to engage your audience and sell your product to them. You have to be able to carve out some unique ways to convince your readers. As a creative copywriter, you may need to use videos and graphics in your

posts to draw attention and push their engagement.

4. Direct-Response Copywriting

This type of copywriting incurs a response from your audience. It is always a direct response hence the name. This copy always tells the audience or readers to take immediate action in the post. Many of these types of copies are what we see while surfing the internet. For example – click on the link, sign up, read more, etc.

5. B2C (Business to Customer)

Here, companies make direct sales to their customers and not to other businesses, as in the case of the B2B pattern of business. The companies involved in B2C copywriting or marketing strategy are abundant on the internet. Amazon, Alibaba, eBay, Konga, etc., are all examples of businesses that engage in this copywriting type.

6. SEO Writing

Search engine optimization is mainly for traffic generation on websites and blogs. It is done by using specific keywords to generate organic traffic/ audience. When these keywords are used, they pop up whenever a similar word or phrase is searched for on the internet.



In this article, you must have understood the basics of copywriting, the types, and what you are to do as a copywriter. The work of a copywriter is only easy when you have perfected what you have learned. In copywriting, you must know your targeted audience and create your niche. Copywriters always focus on a particular niche and leave out others. This is good because it will make you become a professional in a given niche, and not a Jack of all and master of none.


Author: Izuchukwu Ugwu            

Reviewer & Editor: Chinyere Nwosu


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