Chatbot Artificial Intelligence


Chatbot Artificial Intelligence

Before now, Chatbot existed, but it was not more of an Artificial Intelligence compared to the current Chatbot. And to think of it, most companies, businesses, and individuals have already adapted to the use of this computed program known as chatbot AI, which has gained its place as the most discussed hot tech topic today.

Well, other than the regular knowledge of chatbots, we are aware of other chatbot AI terms such as its benefits, usage, recommended chatbots, main features, and application of chatbots as a whole which we will be sharing in this article for all. 

So, without further ado, let us proceed –


What Is Chatbot Artificial Intelligence?

AI chatbot or chatbot Artificial Intelligence is a computed software that manages conversations with users. It comes along with using Natural Processing Language (NPL). In normal terms, it operates through conversation applications and uses Machine Learning (ML) to create a humanoid experience.

AI, as a chatbot, can help with customer satisfaction, increase your sales, and save you from stress which also saves your time.

Other than that, complaint analysis, reviews, and feedback regarding your consumers from the chatbot are ‘dope’.

However, although chatbot AI is intelligent, it also learns from humans since it is humanoid and also learns how to phrase different questions to generate the best replies for clients with time.


What Is ChatGPT

Probably, you might have heard about ChatGPT somewhere across the internet since chatbot is the most talked about currently.

In simple words, ChatGPT is an AI chatbot made by OpenAI, improved from the previous (OpenAI GPT-3.5) version, and was launched in November 2022.

This chatbot is preferred over a rule-based chatbot because it stimulates responses and articulates the best replies.

It uses a conversational tone with users and follows up on questions from users to give its best answers.

Well, that notwithstanding, the chatbot also rejects inappropriate requests, and this is a great improvement for available AI online.

ChatGPT is considered by many due to its importance, although the computed program is in its prototype phase, which means that it could get slow and factually not accurate at times.


What Is Artificial Intelligence Chatbot Used For In Businesses?

Artificial Intelligence chatbot is most recommended for website businesses because it works on set algorithms and naturally gets into conversations with website visitors.

However, using an AI chatbot will include –


Marketing products –

In terms of marketing products, the chatbot makes marketing and advertising easy for your marketing team by showing campaigns and promotions of your products to your shoppers during their conversation flows.

However, this could include these personalized recommendations, offering discounts for first-time visitors, and other better deals in your business.


Answering consumers’ questions –

Businesses use this AI to deal with the FAQs of their customers.

The AI chatbot helps answer questions regarding product prices, opening and closing hours, order status, shipping status, and others.

As expected, this helps to save the customers’ time and aids satisfaction for your consumers.


Engaging customers – 

Engaging customers is what chatbot Artificial Intelligence enjoys doing most.

For instance, if a site has this AI, the program will welcome any visitor who stops by asking if they need support. They can also help visitors to reach their aim faster than expected.


Benefits Of Artificial Intelligence

Aside from the above-mentioned what chatbot Artificial Intelligence could be used for, below adds to what AI chatbot is capable of –

  • Improve communication
  • Increase sales
  • Personalized shopping experience
  • Improve engagement
  • Proactive customer service

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Best Artificial Intelligence chatbots

Elomia –

First on our list is Elomia which is best in checking individual mental health and telling its states.

Out of 5% of people who have rated the AI, 4.9% are considered relevant reviews. 

However, the chatbot is rated by 36 individuals so far, and it has a free trial available for businesses who want to try it out before subscription.


Mobile Monkey –

Being second on our list is Mobile Monkey. It is best at supporting customer service on social media.

Out of 5% of people who have rated the AI, 4.9% are considered relevant reviews. 

However, the chatbot is rated by 119 individuals so far, and it has a free plan available for every business that wants to try it out.

Paradox –

Being third on our list is Paradox which is the best in Recruitment services.

Out of 5% of people who have rated the AI, 4.9% are considered relevant reviews. 

However, the chatbot is rated by 494 individuals so far, and it has no free plan, any business in need of it needs to purchase it.

Tidio –

Being the last on our list is Tidio which is best for Small businesses and medium businesses.

Out of 5% of people who have rated the AI, 4.8% are considered relevant reviews. 

However, the chatbot is rated by 21 individuals so far, and it has a free plan and trial.

Main Features To Look Out For When Considering An Artificial Intelligence Chatbot

When choosing a chatbot for your business, you should check its latest technology, functionality, and good onboarding support.

However, below here should be your consideration –

  • Natural Processing Language(NPL)
  • Machine Learning Technology
  • Good Customer Support
  • End of chats surveys
  • Reports and Analytics

How To Add Artificial Intelligence Chatbot To Your Site?

Adding an AI chatbot to your site is easy and carried out with a few steps within a few minutes, just as stated below –

  • Log in to the AI chatbot platform
  • Personalize the chat widget and the welcome message you want for your customers
  • Go to the Chatbots tab and scroll down to the templates
  • Choose the AI Responder template
  • Click “Use Template”
  • Edit the trigger, condition, and actions to your satisfaction
  • Repeat the steps for a variety of user intents


Now, that’s what to know about AI chatbots – their benefits and features. 

So, after reading to this leave us some comments, ask your questions, and state your thoughts and feedback in the comment section. 

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