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Button Poetry is a Minneapolis-based poetry company and independent publisher of performance poetry. They are known for their viral videos of slam poetry performances, including a performance of “OCD” by Neil Hilborn that the Knight Foundation called “the most-viewed slam performance in history.

Button Poetry was founded in 2011 by Dylan Garity and Zachary Small. They started the company to publish and promote the work of independent poets. Button Poetry has since released over 500 books and videos of poetry performances.

Button Poetry’s work has been featured on NPR, The New York Times, and The Washington Post. They have also toured extensively throughout the United States and Canada.

Button Poetry is committed to promoting diversity and inclusion in the poetry community. They have a strong track record of publishing and featuring poets from marginalized communities.

Button Poetry is a major force in the world of performance poetry. They have helped to make slam poetry more accessible and popular than ever before. They are also committed to using poetry to challenge injustice and promote social change.

How Do You Write a Button Poem?

Here are some tips on how to write a button poem:

1. Choose a Topic that You are Passionate About

Button poems are meant to be performed, so choosing a topic you feel strongly about is important. This will help you connect with your audience and confidently deliver your poem.

2. Keep Your Poem Short and to the Point

Button poems should be no more than a few lines long. This is because they are meant to be read aloud, and long poems can be difficult to memorize and perform.

3. Use Strong Language and Imagery

Button poems are meant to be memorable, so use language that will stick in your audience’s mind. Use vivid imagery to create a clear picture in your reader’s mind.

4. Have a Clear Message

Button poems should have a clear message that your audience can take away with them. This message can be about anything, but it should be something you believe in and are passionate about.

5. Practice Your Poem Aloud

The best way to become comfortable with your poem is to practice reading it aloud.

This will help you to get the rhythm and flow of the poem down, and it will also help you to memorize the poem.

Does Button Poetry Pay?

Yes, Button Poetry does pay its artists. There are a few different ways that artists can earn money from Button Poetry:

1. YouTube Revenue

Button Poetry shares ad revenue with its artists on a per-view basis. An artist’s money per view varies depending on the video, but it typically averages around $1.50-$2.00 per thousand views.

At the end of each year, Button Poetry reviews the year’s view counts for all videos on the YouTube platform, including videos from prior years.

For all YouTube videos with over 250,000 views in that calendar year (total views from January 1st through December 31st), Button Poetry will pay the artist $250.

For all YouTube videos with over 100,000 views but less than 250,000 views in that calendar year, Button Poetry will pay the artist $100.

2. Chapbook Contests

Button Poetry hosts annual chapbook contests for both emerging and established poets. The winners of these contests receive a cash prize, publication of their chapbook by Button Poetry, and 50 free author copies.

3. Poem Cover Contest

Button Poetry also hosts an annual Poem Cover contest. The winner of this contest receives admission to a calendar year of Button Poetry Workshops, a $900 value.

4. Affiliate Program

Button Poetry has an affiliate program that allows people to earn commissions by referring customers to Button Poetry’s website.

The amount of commission that an affiliate makes varies depending on the product that is purchased.

Who Founded Button Poetry?

Button Poetry was founded in 2011 by Sam Van Cook and Sierra DeMulder. Rachele Cermak and Heidi Lear shortly joined them.

Sam Van Cook is a National Poetry Slam champion and graduate of the University of Minnesota. He hails from Boulder, Colorado and Moscow, Idaho, and now resides in Minneapolis.

Sierra DeMulder is a poet, producer, and educator. She is the author of the chapbook “The Ballad of the Unsung” and the co-founder of the Button Poetry Chapbook Contest. She is also a certified yoga instructor and teaches mindfulness workshops for poets.

Rachele Cermak is a poet, editor, and educator. She is the author of the chapbook “The Weight of Words” and the co-founder of the Button Poetry Poem Cover Contest. She is also the editor-in-chief of Button Poetry’s literary magazine, “The Spoken Word.”

Heidi Lear is a poet, performer, and producer. She is the author of the chapbook “The Art of Falling” and the co-founder of the Button Poetry Workshop Series. She is also a certified public accountant and works as a financial consultant for poets.

Button Poetry is a non-profit organization that promotes performance poetry through video and social media. They have produced over 1,000 videos featuring some of the biggest names in spoken word poetry, including Andrea Gibson, Sarah Kay, and Phil Kaye. They have also published over 50 chapbooks and 10 full-length books of poetry.

Button Poetry is a leading force in the spoken word poetry community. They have helped to make poetry more accessible and inclusive, and they have inspired a new generation of poets to share their voices with the world.

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