Best Tourist Destinations in Nigeria

Do you know about the best tourist destinations in Nigeria?

You see, despite Nigeria being underdeveloped, there are still places known as the best tourist destinations in Nigeria. These places are amongst the places in Africa that are worth visiting.

Well, it might also marvel you to know that some of these places are near where you reside. That is shocking! Right?

However, the best tourist destinations in Nigeria could be up to your expectation or below or above. It depends on your taste. I will be discussing these best tourist destinations in Nigeria in this article. Choose what you like.

So, without telling you stories that may bore you, let us proceed –


Best Tourist Destinations In Nigeria


Yankari Game Reserve – Bauchi

Yankari game reserve, which is also known as Yankari National park of Nigeria, is the largest wildlife park located in Bauchi State, Nigeria. Yankari national park of Nigeria is located exactly in the south-central part of Bauchi, in northeastern Nigeria.

The game reserve center in Bauchi has an area of approximately 2,244 kilometers. You see, the Yankari game reserve center is already an attractive place for tourists. It has a wide variety of flora, fauna, and natural warm water springs.

Yankari was created in 1956 as a game reserve but was later renamed Nigeria’s biggest National park in 1991.


Lekki Conservation Center – Lagos

The Lekki conservation center is amongst the widest and most fun places for tourism. The Lekki conservation area covers a land of 78 hectares located on the Lekki Peninsula.

This conservation center is clouded and flooded with plants and animals.

The conservation center was set up in 1990 to serve mainly a conservation purpose and as an educational environment for students.

Olumo Rock – Ogun state

Olumo Rock is a mountain located in Abeokuta, Ogun State, which is in southwestern Nigeria. The Olumo rock was used as a fortress during warfare in the 19th century; the Olumo rock has a height of 137 meters above sea level. You should go and see this place. The Egba people of Ogun state have gained a lot from this rock.

Agodi Gardens – Oyo state

Agodi gardens is a tourist attraction located in Ibadan, Oyo state. The Agodi gardens sits on 150 acres of land.

The Agodi gardens came into existence in 1967, and it has a governing body – the Bureau of investment promotion and public-private partnerships.

Agodi has different attractions which would urge you to go there for tourism purposes, and attractions. Such beauties include – Picnic and garden area, water park, zoo, playground, rides for children, and water park.

Agbokim Waterfall – Cross rivers

The Agbokim waterfall is another destination in Cross Rivers that attracts tourists. It is in Etung local government of Cross Rivers in the south-south region of Nigeria. The Agbokim waterfalls are about 15 kilometers from Ikom and 320 kilometers from Calabar and have a 75 meters drop which is the longest it has ever had. It is also very close to the border between Cameroon and Nigeria.

Zuma Rock – Abuja

The Zuma rock is one of the places in Nigeria that gains attractions. The rock is an igneous intrusion made from gabbro and granodiorite in Niger Delta, Nigeria. The Zuma rock is also referred to as the gateway to Abuja from Suleja.

The Zuma rock is approximately 980 ft above its surroundings.

According to the geography of Nigeria, the Zuma rock is very tall. It is four times taller than NECOM house, which is the tallest skyscraper in Lagos. Combining the Aso rock and the Olumo rock, the Zuma rock is still considered the tallest. The Zuma rock image is on Nigerian fiat currency, 10 Naira.

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Eleko Beach – Lagos state

Eleko beach is one of the beaches located in Lagos state. The Eleko beach has a perspective that is worth visiting. It is a private space that is less busy during the weekdays but usually busy during the weekends as the indigenous people of Lagos state try to sell their craft items, fresh fruits, vegetables, prawns, and fish. Also, if you are seeking peace of mind, Eleko beach is highly recommended. It has several inns, bars, and joints close by that are usually and always calm for anyone to take refreshments.

Ibeno Beach – Akwa Ibom state

The Ibeno beach is in a local government area known as Ibeno in Akwa Ibom state. It has the best attractions. It has visits from people from different regions of Nigeria who come to see its beauty. It is the longest sand beach and the most popular beach in Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria. The beach also provides a fun and endless natural facilities for tourism, such as boating, water sports, and beach soccer.

Tarkwa Bay Beach – Lagos state

The Tarkwa Bay beach is said to be an artificial sheltered beach near Lagos State, Nigeria. The Tarkwa bay beach is only accessible through boat or water taxis; this is due to its island status. It also serves as a welcoming home for swimmers, water sports experts, and lovers. Tourists locate the Tarkwa bay beach for refreshment each time they need to.

Nike Art Gallery

Nike Art Gallery is in Lagos and Osun State, owned by Nike Davies-Okundaye. It has varieties of artworks and a collection of diverse types of art that is +8,000 from different artists in Nigeria, such as Chief Josephine Oboh Macleod.

It’s building in Lagos state is a five-storey building. The Nike Art Gallery is worth visiting, as you will be discovering many artworks made by different Nigerian artists.

What Is Nigeria Known For In Tourism?

Speaking of wildlife reserves and natural attractions such as waterfalls, beaches, lakes, zoos, and other attractions, Nigeria is best known for these when it comes to tourism.

Which State Has The Most Tourist Attractions In Nigeria?

Lagos State is the most visited state in Nigeria in terms of tourism. Lagos State is one of the busiest states in Nigeria. It is a Yoruba state, but there is a significant number of immigrants.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Lagos Worth Visiting?

Yes, Lagos state is worth visiting. It emerges as one of the busiest states in Nigeria worth visiting.

Can I Visit Nigeria For Tourism purposes?

Yes, you can visit Nigeria for Tourism purposes. In Nigeria, you can locate beaches, wildlife reserves, waterfalls, rivers, zoo parks, and other natural attractions.


Nigeria is considered one of the homes for tourism in Africa due to its natural resources and attractions. Most individuals that live in some attractive tourist spaces in Nigeria do not come from there; they only came to visit and eventually fell in love with what they saw.

I have already addressed what you need to know regarding the best tourist destinations in Nigeria. I have also taken the time to list these tourist destinations in Nigeria in this article. Share your thoughts, contributions, and questions in the comment box below.

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