Best Poem of 2005 – Coloured

UN’s Best poem of 2005  – Coloured by an African child

May 8, 2021

BEST POEM OF 2005 – by an African Child

A poem titled ‘Coloured’ – written by an African child was nominated as the UN’s best poem in 2005.

The thought is amazing, the lines succinct, and the message is for everyone. It has an interesting play on colours, portraying Life and its paradox in a few lines. ‘Coloured’ is written in a voice that calls us humans to reflect.

Here is the best poem of 2005. Enjoy it. Leave a comment below.


When I born, I black;

When I grow up, I black;

When I go in sun, I black;

When I scared, I black;

When I sick, I black;

And when I die, I still black.

And you White fellows:

When you born, you pink;

When you grow up, you white;

When you go in sun, you red;

When you cold, you blue;

When you scared, you yellow;

When you sick, you green;

When you die, you grey;

And you call me coloured.

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