Best Places To Enjoy A Romantic Date In Lagos 

Best Places To Enjoy A Romantic Date In Lagos 



You are in Nigeria, and it’s already December and by that, I mean festive season, yet there is no cash to fly out to Dubai, the US, the UK and the rest of the places you could feel would look and feel romantic enough for your partner. What then do you do? More than telling your partner how much you care about them, you can actually show them. Trust us, it’s more romantic that way. How do you show them? Calling, texting, gifting, and taking them out to special places. All of these go a long way in proving your love, and care and that you are committed to that person.

We are not trying to take February’s place but December is a season of love and family, hence you have to up your romantic game and so most of you want to do something special and romantic for that person in your life but you do not know how to go about it. Guess what? We have brought the answers to all of your problems (lol). There are places and there are places but we will be bringing to your attention five interesting, spectacular, romantic and yet easy-to-access places to go have fun with that special person of yours this festive period. This article will concentrate majorly on places to enjoy a romantic date in Lagos state, Nigeria.



Who doesn’t love ice cream? Yeah, that’s right, no one. More than just eating ice cream, you should always endeavour to eat quality ice cream. Now if you are looking for a blend of perfection, quality and ice, that’s what Coldstone will offer to you. So when next your partner is looking for something with ice of the sugary kind(I mean lots of it) or you just want to surprise him\her this yuletide season, visiting the nearest Coldstone outlet near you might be the very thing you need to do. Just imagine how romantic it will be when you are feeding her a delicious spoon of creamy ice-cream.



Richly topped, hot and with lots of cheese, pizza is the very language of love and having it with your partner is so romantic. Sharing a box or two boxes of pizza along with a bottle of wine preferably with the one we love is a great way to spend a romantic time together. Debonairs pizza parlour is one such place that can turn your dream romantic place into a reality. In addition, the ambience that all Debonairs Pizza places hold is next to none and it should be experienced by each and every one who wants to get that romantic feeling in their bones. It gives you a feel of home and makes you enjoy this festive season much more.



Located at 228b Ajose Adeogun street, Foundry restaurant is the sure place for delicious and palatable meals, intimate conversations and a lovely romantic dinner date. Did I just say dinner? Please you could make it lunch or breakfast, whatever suits your itinerary. In all, you are sure of a very romantic time with your partner. Moreso, with booths designed to comfortably sit at least two people on each side, a double date is a very doable affair. However, if you are not a fan of that, you can still enjoy a romantic time with your partner in such a sophisticated environment.


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With a cup of popcorn, a cola or a bag of chips to crunch on, seeing a movie with your partner could be the perfect romantic date for this festive season. A movie ticket purchased at almost no cost either online or at the silverbird cinema could just be the love language your partner needed to hear from you. What’s more? It can help bring back the romantic spark in your love life or it can even help maintain it or kick it up to a higher level.



So what if you’ve already been to the movies and had various meals at various places and at different times of the year, does it mean there is no “couply” and romantic thing you could do with your partner? The answer is no. A visit to the Nike Centre for Arts and Culture to view the various works of art on display is a thing that could seem trivial but may turn out to be the most romantic thing you’ve done this year. Imagine you and your partner getting to choose a mutual favourite painting as an ‘our’ painting. Oh, you didn’t see that coming right? What are you waiting for then? Get going already and have the most romantic time of your life at the Nike Centre!

These above-mentioned interesting places in Lagos state for couples or intending couples could be all you need to get that relationship going or add a new romantic spark to it. There is no time to waste. Make a reservation and show your partner how you truly feel and by that I mean get the romance going. Oh, and don’t forget to document every special moment by taking pictures. It will give you something to look back on and smile about.


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