Awaiting a Reincarnation


Awaiting a Reincarnation

Awaiting a Reincarnation


Garlic Ginger Salt

the pandemic altered my self
the self died
still clueless
about the resuscitation time
wonder if I’ll ever regain my self
the outsiders dictate my being


I am stunk of garlic
and ginger
Poring over this continuing discomposure
my body mustn’t give way – too
this battlefield with Covid-19’s spears
targeting my heart
I’m thus abandoned in the land of death


countless times
I have bathed with hot water
and salt
my tradition beats science
my village’s herbage calls
medical healing slowish

this virus


hold on to my self
the grave doesn’t beacon
the earth must wait

I sense a reincarnation
while awaiting resurrection

but only my herbs matter
the world’s shut to me already.


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