Another Country

Another Country

Another country

Why are people like the worst cyborgs?
Why are we so bent on invasions?
What does privacy mean to you?
Is the concept a by-product of capitalism?
Are you a punk ass robot?
Are you an eavesdropping non-event cop?
Are you that bored and boring?
Do you know where to draw the line?
Are you cowboy forefathers, blind?
Are you some peoadophile?
Why wouldn’t I say peeping Tom?
Do you like your vistas raw?
Are you entitled to everything?
Are you white?
Are you a white man who is not white?
Are you into aspiration porn?
Do you see?
Do you see?
Is this just confirmation for you?
Are you stacking your chips?
Are you fondling the crucifix?
Are you some form of reality tv?
Would you like better ratings?
Are you hedging your bets?
Right now, are you hedging your bets?
Are you like Jim Bakker’s accomplice?
Are you in it for Jesus?
Are you keeping things safe for poetry?
Would you say an audience of peers is correct?
Would you sell me some spiel about protection?
Why not just say you’re a xenophobe?
Why not just say you’re a monkey bar?
Where is your sense of personal boundaries?
Only when it pertains to you?
Can we have a borderless country, too?
Can I have my shit back in private?
Or do you like the smell?
Should I call you perverted?
When is it scatalogic?
Are perversions reserved for a special kind?
Must you trot out all your law enforcement tools?
Can you roll your eyes some more?
Is that your erasure gadget?
Must I call it inspector, too?
Let me guess, you hate white space?
Let me guess, you hate history, too?
What should I do with your microaggressions?
How about some microgreens?
How can I settle your private antics?
How do I cancel your culture queens?
Who should collect your ashes?
What should we do with your incomplete will?
Your incomplete intel?
Why are you so perverted?
Why are you so insecure?
Why hide behind religion?
A nymphomaniac for Jesus?
Are you a closet variety show?
Why can’t you leave well enough alone?
Is it your truth?
Is it your truth?


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