Review of Ancient Love Poetry

Review of Ancient Love Poetry

Review of Ancient Love Poetry

Ancient love poetry is a treasure trove of emotional expression, cultural insight, and linguistic beauty. From the passionate sonnets of Sappho to the haunting verses of Li Bai, these poetic works have transcended time and continue to resonate with readers across generations.

One remarkable aspect of ancient love poetry is its ability to capture the complexities of human emotion. Whether it’s the longing for separated lovers, the ecstasy of newfound romance, or the pain of unrequited love, these poets skillfully weave words to convey the depths of their feelings.

Their use of metaphor and symbolism often adds layers of meaning, inviting readers to explore the nuances of love from different angles.

Cultural contexts also play a significant role in ancient love poetry. The poems offer a glimpse into their respective eras’ social norms, values, and beliefs.

Through these verses, we gain insights into the roles of men and women, the dynamics of courtship, and the significance of love in various societies. This cultural backdrop adds a layer of richness to the poems, making them windows into personal emotions and mirrors reflecting the societies in which they were created.

The linguistic and rhythmic beauty of ancient love poetry is another aspect worth celebrating. Poets often employ intricate rhyme schemes, meter, and wordplay to craft verses that are as pleasing to the ear as they are meaningful to the heart.

These poetic techniques contribute to the enduring appeal of the works, as they can be appreciated both for their emotional resonance and aesthetic qualities.

The Cast of Ancient Love Poetry

  • Zhou Dong Yu as Shang Gu / Hou Chi
  • Xu Kai as Bai Jue / Qing Mu / Bo Xuan
  • Jenny Zhang Jia Ni as Wu Huan
  • Fu Xin Bo as Mu Guang
  • Liu Xue Yi as Tian Qi / Jing Yuan
  • Li Ze Feng as Zhi Yang
  • Leon Lai Yi as Gu Jun
  • Luo Qiu Yun as Yue Mi
  • Zhang Ya Qin as Feng Ran
  • Huang Jue as Sen Jian
  • Leon Zhang Yun Long as Jing Jian
  • Zhong Qi as Jing Zhao
  • Hao Shuai as Jing Yang
  • Liu Meng Meng as Xue Ying
  • Zhang Xiao Chen as Xuan Yi
  • Huang Yi as Hong Ri
  • Lu Peng as Zi Han
  • Hankiz Omar as Feng Yan

Main Characters

1. Shang Gu / Hou Chi

Shang Gu has been selected as the Chief God who will rule over the three kingdoms. She has the task of safeguarding the planet from destruction by mastering the Power of Chaos. On the other hand, Shang Gu is young and energetic, with a shaky agricultural foundation.

Following Shang Gu’s death 60,000 years ago, Hou Chi became one of the deities of the Immortal Realm. She is the princess of Qing Chi Palace and resembles Shang Gu. Despite her efforts, she has weak horticulture skills. Gu Jun is her father’s name.

2. Bai Jue / Qing Mu / Bo Xuan

Bai Jue is one of the God Realm’s four True Gods. He’s quick yet cold and emotionless. Bai Jue is uninterested in relationships and can be severe and condescending. He is a formidable god who many people fear. In the Immortal realm, he goes by the name Bo Xuan.

Qing Mu is Lord of the North Sea and a young immortal with exceptional cultivation abilities despite his youth. He resembles Bai Jue, who vanished years ago.

3. Wu Huan

Wu Huan is a member of the Feng Clan. She is a low-ranking maid who Shang Gu chose to be her holy beast.

Wu Huan is an ambitious immortal who wishes to avoid being bullied and looked down upon because of her clan’s low rank. She expresses an interest in Gu Jun.

4. Mu Guang

Mu Guang is the disciple of Goddess Yue Mi. Because of his abilities, he is chosen to be trained at the God Realm.

He is a good immortal who strives for justice and prefers peace to battle. Mu Guang harbors romantic affections for Wu Huan.

5. Tian Qi / Jing Yuan

Tian Qi is one of the God Realm’s four True Gods. He is also a Demon God in a world where gods and devils coexist.

He is impulsive and enjoys arguing with Bai Jue, albeit in a friendly manner. Tian Qi adores Shang Gu and would go to any length for her.

Tian Qi’s other identity in the Demon Realm following Shang Gu’s death is Jing Yuan.

Summary of Ancient Love Poetry

Ancient Love Poetry is a 2021 Chinese fantasy romance television series based on the novel of the same name by Jiu Lu Fei Xiang. The series stars Zhou Dongyu as Shang Gu and Xu Kai as Bai Jue.

The story begins with the birth of Shang Gu, a girl destined to become the Chief God and save the world from destruction.

However, Shang Gu is a lazy learner and has poor cultivation skills. Bai Jue, one of the Four True Gods, is tasked with teaching her.

He has a cold personality but many female admirers due to his good looks and status. Shang Gu starts off disliking him but gradually falls in love with him. She melts Bai Jue’s heart, and he, too, begins to fall for her.

The two of them face many challenges together, including the jealousy of other gods, the machinations of evil spirits, and the threat of the Tribulation of Chaos.

In the end, Bai Jue sacrifices himself to stop the Tribulation and save the world. Shang Gu is devastated, but she eventually finds the strength to move on and become the Chief God.

The series has a happy ending. Bai Jue returns 500 years later after being resurrected by the Ancestral God. He and Shang Gu are finally reunited and live happily ever after.

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