Amulet study

Amulet study

Amulet study

by Khando Langri



she asks what
it contains while
examining the seams,
soft fold, thread
woven out of the colour
of universe –
yellow of sour earth, blue of
thinning space, green of water
undulating grassland,
red of country, of body –
her eyes unravel, search
for trinkets made sacred
in obscuration: slip of printed text,
bitter pill, single hair
included unaware,
her fingers, threaded
in my arteries
now pull apart skin
pry open outsides
medicine spilling out:
undone, undone, undone.



lake mother stitches
the loose skin of enemies
into saddle blanket,
drinks beer out of skull,
while watching the
evening news –
ocean aflame,
expensive corpses
cueing at world’s
summit, on spine of
our grandmother
mountain –
pointing at the hole
that is my chest
she recites soft prophecy:
“our wounds are eyes.”


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