Armorphous moon1

Amorphous Supermoon

by oluwatobi Micheal

Amorphous Supermoon – A poem

supermoon sky
live on dreaming
cautiously conscious
contemplate currents
come cool breeze
now go on flirt invisible
upon sensitive skins
nudge long testy touches
so uncomfortable
yet so alluring again
move me
oh darkened season
under your heavenly moonlight
illuminate these sunshine days
light your deceitful impressions
in fluorescent dead of night
candy cotton clouds
texture changing whispers
encourage your flow
to haunt my shadows
weaving and weathered
into wintery summers go
into open sky
alive breathing yawn
earthen whispers
of a future dawn
wink on behind clouds
as brawny blanket billows
blow on by
to bashful allow
while far below
all creatures eyes
enjoy the ride
upon this spooky
spinning sphere
for now to abide
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