Adventurous Tasks To Do With Children

Looking for how to keep your children engaged and connected to the world and you? Here are some Adventurous Tasks To Do With Children…

Adventurous Tasks To Do With Children

Every child loves adventure, and adventure is one of the ways you can get a child to open up and explore their deepest desires. Research has it that when children go on an adventurous journey with their parents, they can express themselves and in the process, learn new things about themselves. They love the thrill and excitement that comes with visiting new places and meeting new people. Due to this, they embrace adventure with open arms. As a family, below are some adventurous activities you can engage in to boost your children’s self-confidence and enlarge their social circle.


1.      Explore at night: 

Not everyone would love this idea, but kids can be quite inquisitive. They often wonder about what the night holds in store for them, and since you can’t force them to not like something, why not join them in loving it? You can pick a night and go exploring with them. In Nigeria, you can pick snails at night or watch fireflies in the sky. This will open up their mind to different possibilities and opportunities up for grabs.


2.      Go farming: 

This may be a tiring task for some children, but most kids adore farming. It’s no secret that kids love to get their hands dirty, and with farming, they can easily do that while learning about different plants. Also, kids find this activity to be comforting and calming.


3.      Watch the sunset: 

Watching the sunset with your children creates a magical experience they will forever remember. They are made to feel loved and beautiful at the same time. If you miss the sunset, you can watch the sunrise. It brings the same feeling and ignites the same effect. 


4.      Sleep in the living room: 

In as much as it is a good thing to set rules for your children to follow, sometimes you also have to tell them, through your actions, that they can come to you when they are at fault and not hide away. The best way to do that is by allowing them to sleep in the living room instead of forcing them to go to their room and sleep when they are very tired. You can also carry them to bed to show them that you will always be there for them, even when they don’t know. This singular adventurous task helps build trust.


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5.      Go to a new park: 

Try to spice up your family outing by trying a new park or restaurant for dinner. Avoid doing the same thing over and over again with your kids. It makes them bored quickly.


6.      Go hiking or bush walking: 

Allow your kids to explore nature in the sweetest way possible. However, they should not be allowed to walk alone. You can be with them or let them go in groups. Children love this adventurous journey and cannot wait for more like it. 


7.      Visit the airport or catch a train: 

Who wouldn’t love to see a big metallic object flying? Kids are usually very fascinated by this. Staying by their side as they watch aeroplane flying and landing can be a very significant moment in the life of any child. Also, staying on a train can help hasten the process of them feeling adventurous.


8.      Eat outside: 

You don’t have to continuously eat with your children indoors, on some days, take them out and allow them to choose what they want to eat, and no, it doesn’t have to be vegetables!


9.      Go for a quest: 

Kids love anything that will make them have fun while learning, and going on a quest is one such thing. You can plan a family outing and then go for a treasure hunt. It will help build up their IQ skills. But if that is too much, you can pick shells or even find a street name for every member of your family. 


10.  Go geocaching: 

This activity combines the thrill of hunting for treasures and the excitement of finding new places. This adventurous task doesn’t cost much, but it combines both technology and nature. It is a fun family adventurous task to indulge in. 

Finding the best way to engage your kids in an adventurous activity can be an exhausting thing to think about, but it can be very rewarding when you finally find that task that can light up your children’s eyes.




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