A Complete Guide On How To Make Nollywood Movies

Are you looking at making movies of your own or joining a movie industry like Nollywood? This is a guide to movie making …. Find your passion.


A Complete Guide On How To Make Nollywood Movies

Making a Nollywood movie is something that almost every actor and actress in the Nollywood movie industry is into. The space is filled with lots of movies that are mostly released weekly, and some even daily. Most of these movies have made their ways into global movie companies like Netflix.

Nevertheless, the truth remains that almost everyone is gotten into the business of making movies, and this is because the industry has a trend of fast growth and it is very profitable. So how can one start this business of making movies? Keep reading to find out.


Producing Movies

Making movies 1

To make movies, you must produce them, otherwise, what will people watch? You can call this the foundation stage of making movies. In this stage, you will need an idea of what your movie will be about. The idea for the movie could either be fiction or non-fiction.

The story that will be told in the movie is organised in a script. Another name for the script is the screenplay. Keep in mind that before you move on to the next stage, you must revise your script severally to avoid loopholes.

In the movie script, you will have a film dialogue. This explains how the movie will progress. It explains the transition of the movie, and how the camera will be moved around. If the screenplay of the movie turns out to be very good, a director can hire some actors and actresses. The director will also hire a good director.

Other items that have to be in place include

  • Getting suitable locations
  • Proper camera positioning
  • Effective arrangement of the requirements for travelling
  • Designing the interior
  • Preparation of the costume
  • Making up
  • Lighting features
  • Stunts that are special consisting of effects and sounds



Ensuring That Your Movie Gets to The Film Stage.

It shouldn’t come as a suprise to you that movies take a lot of time, resources, and energy to produce. Most of the time, the crew members are being shifted to a totally different place in the country just to shoot a movie. You can imagine how costly that is. Nevertheless, every day a movie is being shot, a reasonable amount is used from the movie’s budget, and every scene of the movie is supervised by the director.


Making Movie Scenes

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Most movies use just one camera to make movies, and as a result, they do not really get a good angle, so the process is repeated over and over again. At the end of the day, to get good angles and correct technical matters, a movie may be shot up to fifty times. At the end of the day, it is the director who decides when to save and move on to the next scene or when to continue shooting that scene. In summary, filming a movie can take up to weeks or months.


Post Production of Movie

After shooting a film, the editor sets to work on editing that film. A motion picture is therefore formed for the movie production team through this. After this, they will be a synchronisation of the audio track to the movie, then the editor joins the raw footage into a version that is preliminary, and the name of this is the rough cut.

In this stage, things like visual and sound effects are handled. Special effects, which are carried out by computer graphics, and so many other things the director may want to include, are added here.


The Final Step

After the production process, there is the process of releasing the movie to the general public. After this, the marketing of the movie follows suit. Questions about the movie are being answered, the texture of the movie is also discussed, and the release of the movie normally comes with these discussions.

To effectively make a good movie, you need to implement effective and proper management skills, which will include team management. You also need to conduct a review of the market to determine the impact of your movie on the viewing public.



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