7 Investment Trends (2023 -2026) You Should Know


7 Investment Trends (2023 -2026) You Should Know

As the year, 2023 is rolling, you might be thinking of what to invest in as an investor. You see, most investors might already be worried about their past investments and not able to gain them, while other investors might be smiling home with their package. The question is often – what are the investment trends at a certain time?

Knowing what to invest in this year, 2023 to maybe, 2026, is a great move as an investor. However, you want to focus on things that will be profitable to you. So, without getting left out on investment trends, let us look at seven (7) investment trends (2023 – 2026) you should know and watch out for.

Without wasting time, let us proceed –

Investment Trends

7 Investment Trends (2023 – 2026)

Some investments are trending now. However, when it comes to investment, you need to be extra watchful because it might cause you a loss or a gain.

Well, here are 7 types of investment trends you need to take note of, and of course, check them out in 2023 and a few years following that.

Note: knowing about these investment trends will not guarantee that you will gain from these investments if you take chances.


CryptoCurrency Investment

The first and foremost investment trend you need to know is The CryptoCurrency Investment.

From the onset, cryptocurrency has always been a good option for investors and traders especially.

However, in the coming years, the Crypto environment is seen to maintain continuous growth as technology and the economy continue to drive the world in a good direction favourable to its use.


Watch Out For Layoffs

If you are a social media person, you might already be with seeing the #layoff. You see, even before December 2022, most employees in big tech firms such as Twitter, Amazon, Lyft, and Meta were laid off, and the trend continues this year.

However, while these big tech firms are experiencing a higher rate of labor reductions, other related industries have also recorded their losses.

Redfin, Opendoor, and Better being real estate startups, have slashed headcounts as rising rates.

Well, most tech industries might view #layoff as what could appease shareholders, so, in that way, it turns into an investment for these companies.


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Saving Bonds Are Great

Are you still in control of your bonds? Well, you might need them now more than ever. Checking statistics, bonds are doing perfectly okay. The reason is that it is seen as a type of investment that will yield given business trends this season.

Although a higher percentage of modern investors will not prefer investing their money in bonds, bonds are still a great way to invest.

So, before you think it is late, you can start checking out for the best market to buy and hold on to it.


Hybrid Robo-Advisors Have A Chance In The Future

As of recent, Parameters Insights have reported that investors exited self-directed investment tools like Robo-advisors. Also, Parameters Insights reports show that Robo-advisors have a good chance in the future which could lead most investors to wealth.


Great Ideas in Renewables

Having great ideas in renewables is considered a good investment trend to watch out for in 2023 and beyond.

Already, at the end of 2022, the investment idea has been moving greatly and should be in the next few years, if not longer.


From TD Ameritrade To Schwab Platform

According to Craig’s note, Schwab will be taking its time moving accounts, and customers should get three months’ notice. The moves will take place over a weekend.

However, changing brokers this way might be considered a trending investment in 2023 cause this act is supposed to take place then.

So, if you are a TD client, all you need to do is wait till you get your notice, and if you are okay with the approach, you can continue using the Schwab platform.


The Bear Market is Still Perfect

While there could be people running away from the bear market due to loss, the bear market can still take chances in the future, and it is ready to.

Now, the reason why the bear market crashed heavily is because of the COVID-19, which struck the world in 2020, and yes, the bear market is already coming up.



Before concluding on investing in any trend, make sure you carry out your analysis and do not forget to invest not more than you can afford to.

However, investment comes with a lot of risks. Hence, do not put all your eggs in one basket, which means you should not have only a source of income or put all you have into one investment type. Investigate, plan, and invest wisely. 



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