How Diet Affects Your Mental Health

Do you know that the brain regulates almost all the body’s vital functions? Just like a car needs gas, water, and oil to function properly, the brain needs a steady supply of energy and oxygen

Mrs. Bullfrog

Mrs. Bullfrog by Nathaniel Hawthorne.     Mrs. Bullfrog It makes me melancholy to see how like fools some very sensible people act in the matter of choosing wives. They perplex their judgments by a

Fancy’s Show-Box

Fancy’s Show-Box by Nathaniel Hawthorne, 1837.   Fancy’s Show-Box What is guilt? A stain upon the soul. And it is a point of vast interest whether the soul may contract such stains in all their

5 Mental Health Movies You Should Watch

Movies represent some of the most detailed and personal depictions of the human psyche – especially if the scriptwriters and producers make them not appear superficial. In this article, we have listed 5 mental health