Most Spoken Languages In The World

Do you wish to learn a new language? This post on the most spoken languages of the world will aid your choice. Most Spoken Languages In The World Knowing about the most spoken languages in the world is

What is African Poetry?

African poetry begins with African themes, rhythms, rituals, and ideas, growing out of the culture of the continent and of different regions within that continent. Poetry is possibly the oldest genre in Africa. It began

Best Fonts for Writers

Are you a writer or working on a writing assignment and wondering which fonts will make your work readable and appealing to your audience. This article is for you. Read on to find out more.
Best font for writers

“Birth Mother” by Amanda Lieser

“Birth Mother” by Amanda Lieser I stand in a perfectly pristine kitchen. The counter tops are covered in flour. She stands at them, waiting for me. She’s rolling out the cookie dough in deep, even

“The Boy in the Pink Tuxedo” by Kevin Broccoli

“The Boy in the Pink Tuxedo” by Kevin Broccoli The Boy in the Pink Tuxedo I met the love of my life at someone else’s prom. He wasn’t my date. My date was a lovely