10 Scariest Horror Movies of the 21st Century

Scary movies

10 Scariest Horror Movies of the 21st Century

Horror movies are quite interesting with high phobia scenes, although most of them can be predicted. Well, I see them as fun and scary, and most times, they are my nightmares. However, despite loving horror movies, some people have not found satisfaction in the movie genre as they claim all of them to be predictable and not scary enough to freak them out.

So, I have already researched the scariest horror movies of the 21st Century, and in this article, I have listed 10 of them.

Scary movies

10 Scariest Horror Movies Of The 21st Century

1. Get Out (2017)

  • Year – 2017
  • Television Production – Universal Pictures

“Lol, this is scarier than zombies.” This is what comes to my mind each time I think of the movie “Get Out.”

It is one of the scariest horror movies of the 21st Century. Jordan Peele’s movie debut, “Get Out,” features a black man (Daniel Kaluuya) who meets his white girlfriend’s parents. 

Well, this caused poking fun at white hypocrisy and racial paranoia when those things were on the front-page news, but Peele found a way to make a horror movie for it that was smart, terrifying, timely, and timeless.


2. American Psycho

  • Year – 2000
  • Television Production – Universal Studios

Every scene in American Psycho, horror, comedy, and drama equals a good time at the movies.

You can view this movie as what you want. Most people see it as a movie about a serial killer who likes Huey Lewis and the News.

Be it what you view, as it is one of the scary horror movies of the 21st century.



3. Annihilation

  • Year – 2018
  • Television Production – Paramount Pictures

Annihilation indeed smashed the show for the fans. The 2018 horror movie, Annihilation was intensifying and a ‘boom.’

Well, I would not want to hit the spoilers for you; you should check out the movie yourself.


4. Shaun of the Dead

  • Year – 2004
  • Television Production – Universal Pictures

Despite being released in the early 2000s, Shaun of the Dead can still beat horror movies of now.

The movie scenes have jokes, funny and dumb characters, and strong booze to knock out the World’s best boxer.

Well, there are scenes in the movie that would make you want to grab a pillow, cover your face, and increase your heartbeat.


5. The Act of Killing (2013)

  • Year – 2013
  • Television Production – Dogwoof

If you are dying to watch a horror movie that will freak you out and make you wanna switch off the TV, then you should know about “The Act of Killing.”

This movie is a scary horror one, but does not have any ghosts or monsters (in the traditional sense), but its characters have put down some of the most surreal moments ever seen on film.

Yes, of course, it had very good characters. The film is more of a documentary about the Indonesian mass killings of 1967 that you might not be able to comprehend after watching.


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6. The Conjuring

  • Year – 2013
  • Television Production – New Line Cinema

Yes, you read that well; it is “The Conjuring.”

The story in Conjuring is about a demon or evil that haunts a home.

The storyline is about two paranormal investigators who visit a Rhode Island family and find out their home is haunted.

Well, along the plot, tension arises and makes you more worried.


7. Cloverfield

  • Year – 2008
  • Television Production – Paramount Pictures

It is quite funny when a movie marketing campaign is more interesting than the movie itself. This is the same thing that happened to “Cloverfield.” Well that is because it is one of the movies with the most interesting marketing campaigns of all time.

You see, the idea of putting a movie out without a trailer, poster, or IMDb might be viewed as insane, but J.J. Abrams was able to pull it off with a great premise and some inventive camerawork.


Haunted house 011


8. Under the Skin

  • Year – 2013
  • Television Production – A24

The name alone – “Under the Skin” – sounds scary.

This horror film was adapted from Michael Faber’s best-selling novel about an extraterrestrial that comes in the form of a human (Scarlett Johansson) and lures men into her car, seduces them, and eats them.

Well, Director Jonathan Glazer took over a decade to comprehend it, and today, it is one of the scary horror movies of the 21st century.


9. The Witch

  • Year – 2014
  • Television Production – A24

The Witch,” which was aired in 2014, is being considered the GOAT (Greatest Of All Time) of horror movies by some people, while others call it ‘Slow and Methodical.’

The story here is about a buck named Black Phillip who stands for mother nature’s wrath against man. 

Along the plot is Anya-Taylor Joy’s protagonist, a New England teenager who notices strange things happening on her farm. 

However, after her brother goes missing, those stark trees and misty woods begin to take on a life of their own.


10. Mulholland Drive

  • Year – 2001
  • Television Production – Universal Pictures

Although most people do not count “Mulholland Drive” as a horror movie, I must admit it is one.

This is a film about Naomi Watts, who loses her identity and is chased after by people who want a magic box. She is haunted even in her dreams.

The movie is capable of making you shiver and increase your heartbeat.



You might be disappointed seeing the list of my 10 Scariest horror movies of the 21st century, but after watching them, you will confirm that my list is worth it indeed.

There are other horror movies of the 21st century that are as scary as nightmares; if you have any, share in the comment box below and shoot us an email. 



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