10 Genuine Ways To Make Money As A Student

Are you looking to make money to support yourself as a student? Here are so genuine ways to make money as a student.

Make money as a student

10 Genuine Ways To Make Money As A Student

As a college student, you do not need to rely on your parents to make payments for any of your academy projects, and this is why I will be showing you Ten(10) genuine ways to make money as a student.

You see, knowing how to make money as a student will go a long way to help release some of your parent’s burden and yours too.

However, speaking of 10 genuine ways to make money as a student, you might need to invest a little token to get started, but do not be scared because you might not need to invest any dime depending on what kind of business you choose to do.

So, in this article, what you should expect is knowing about businesses that could earn you money as a student.


10 Genuine Ways To Make Money As A Student


As a student into blogging, your chances of making money to continue your studies are high. 

If you ask what blogging is all about, I would simply say blogging is publishing content, mostly written content, on a blog or a website. 

However, the process of starting blogging needs money because you will need to purchase hosting and a domain. You will also need to go further and purchase backlinks to cash out fast as you want.

Moreover, before proceeding with blogging, you need to understand how monetizing a blog or website works. It is the most important part of blogging.


Content Writing

Content writing is one of the ways you can use as a student to generate income. Come to think of it. Content writing is the simplest way to make money as a student; you do not need to invest a dime; you only need to have the basics of what you are writing about.

As a student looking to engage in content writing, you can start with “medium.”


Web Development

Almost every young person wants to join the “Tech” community. Well, there is no wrong with joining the Tech community.

To go into tech, you need to pick out the field in tech you want to join. An example is Web Development.

The Web Development arena is occupied by smart young people. So, joining the Web Development field as a student to make money from it is a very good idea.

Now, when I am talking about Web Development, I am referring to building a website or developing a web entirely. This way of making money will suit you as a student.



Somehow you might have heard of vlogging but did not understand what it means. Well, vlogging is similar to blogging, just that the contents differ. Blogging has to do with publishing written content, whereas vlogging is about publishing visual (video) content.

If blogging does not or is not working for you, you can try vlogging.


Affiliate Marketing

The term “Affiliate Marketing” is very rampant these days. If you are a student, you must have heard of Affiliate marketing.

You see, affiliate marketing deals with persuading individuals to make purchases of products from a company. The company pays you a commission for the sales you initiate.

It is simple to run an affiliate business if you are a student because you are already in a big community – a school. So, you can easily advertise the company’s products there, get individuals to come and make a purchase, then finally get your commission.


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Proofreading is another profession you can pick and start making money as a student.

However, if you are choosing to proofread, then you should know what is needed from a quality writer. This is because a proofreader’s work is editing content.

Also, proofreaders mostly get their jobs from single content creators or so.


Crypto & Forex Trading

Whether you are a student or not, you have heard of crypto trading or forex trading.

This business is about predicting a destination where the prices of goods will be at a certain time. Going into crypto/forex trading, you will need to learn first.

Speaking of learning this type of trading, you can take free classes on Udemy.


Online Marketing

Online marketing in today’s world is ranked as a good profession, although most people find it stressful.

Starting online marketing does not require much; you can start selling clothes on eBay, Facebook marketplace, and other marketplaces if you are a student.

Well, the only investment in this business is that you will need to buy your products first, and it is wise if you buy at wholesale prices.


Online Surveys

Have you ever heard of paid online surveys? These days, most acclaimed online surveys are scams, but that does not mean that genuine ones do not exist.

You can take surveys at Swagbucks to get paid. Swagbucks is one of the online surveys that are very transparent.


Test Apps

As a developer, you might have come across app testing, but is it true that testing apps pay a lot of money? The truth remains yes, Testing apps returns much. In test apps, the owner of the app or project gets the project to reach you, and you examine it.

However, you can still spot programs that are not functioning well for the owner, then get paid for your work and time.


Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Fastest Way Of Making As A Student?

The fastest way of making money as a student is through blogging. However, you might need to invest a little in blogging before earning more than you can ever imagine.

Do You Need Money To Make Money As A Student?

Not really, you do not really need money to make money as a student, but then you need to have a little on the other hand.

Can I Make $100 Monthly Through Online Jobs As A Student?

Yes, it is very possible to make $100 online as a student, although you will need consistency and persistence with the same energy.


To make money these days as a student, you should look at jobs that can allow you “work from home” to avoid doubling the stress you are encountering in school.

Also, be consistent; it is a very important trait needed for you to succeed in this venture. Finally, be creative.


Writer: Udeme White

Reviewer: Chinyere Nwosu


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