10 Consumer Behaviour Trends Every Business-minded Person Should Know (2023-2026)

As a business person, being mindful of consumer behaviour trends is something you should focus on. While technology keeps on polishing the world, consumer preferences are constantly changing from normal shopping habits to technology-related shopping habits. And if you ever want to succeed in your business, you need to adapt to these consumer behaviours.

So, let me proceed with addressing what is regarded as consumer behaviour –


Consumer behavior trends

What Is Consumer Behaviour?

Before keying into any business, what should be your primary thought should hang around who your consumer is and what they want, and this has everything to do with consumer behaviour.

Consumer behaviour is the act of studying groups, people, associations, and all the activities with the purchase, usage, and disposal of goods and services they have carried out.

You see, speaking of consumer behaviour, it deals with the consumer’s attitude, emotions, actions, and preferences taken towards buying items, be they goods or services.

So, later on in this guide, I will be addressing Ten (10) consumer behaviour trends you should note, and of course, it ought to help you in your 2023 – 2026 or longer in business.


10 Consumer Behaviour Trends Every Business-minded Person Should Know (2023-2026)


Multiple Payment Options

Multiple Payment Options are what a consumer will display as a behaviour.

Regarding multiple payment options, you can not satisfy your consumers’ needs if you do not have the payment option that they need. Most times, if a consumer wants to pay through Paypal, and your company does not have such a payment option or does not support the payment option, it will not encourage the consumer to come back to purchase any of your goods or services to pay through Paypal.


Home Delivery Services

Due to the pandemic that the world experienced in 2020, most individuals were already into having their sellers bring their goods and services to their homes.

Well, most consumers love their products to be delivered to them at their doorstep. Therefore, you should consider planning home delivery services for your consumers in need of them, and it will make them always stay to purchase from you.


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Ability To Hide Consumer’s Personal Information

What a consumer will always prefer is a hide of identity. So, while running a business, you need to keep your buyers’ information secured; you do not have any right to sell their information for any purpose.

You see, most consumers will prefer you not to disclose the fact that they purchased an item from you or disclose on your transaction list who they really are.


Health Conscious

Having mentioned “Health Conscious” as consumer behaviour is very essential. In terms of Health Consciousness, it is most related to in-store shopping.

You see, if you have a consumer, who is allergic to fragrance, you need to make your in-store a home for them, or they will not be able to come to your store and make any purchase. So, it is about being conscious about their health.


Fatigue And Rebellion

Just like being conscious about your consumers’ health, you also need to consider when they can not come over to purchase with you due to fatigue, and when this happens, you need to make sure to satisfy their needs at all costs.


AI Usage

AI is now common and is also commonly applied in businesses today.

You see, if you are running a business online, you need Artificial Intelligence to be able to show your consumers all sorts of things they need to see; not being able to might result in them turning their backs on your business.

The ‘top dogs’ like Meta, Netflix, eBay, and other companies are using AI. You should figure out how this might also help you.


Consumers Demand Control Over Data

Another important consumer behaviour is allowing your consumers to have control over their data.

Allowing your consumers to have control over their data naturally boosts their confidence that nothing is going wrong with their personal information.

Once consumers can control their data, they no longer worry about their security.


Digital Wallet And Biometric Payment Option Consumers want

Biometric payment option is one of the trends you should consider as consumer behaviour.

If you could check, in a digital world like this, no consumer or buyer would want to waste his or her time in making payment for items, so they will prefer what is capable of giving them that speed, Biometric payment option is one of such options.

Therefore, introducing a digital wallet in your online business is another trend you should consider.


Provision Of Customer Services 24/7

Providing customer services 24/7 will help your consumers stay as they will feel you care about them also.

If you are running an online business, you should make a chatbot available for your buyers just in case you are not around or your colleagues are not available to help them out.


More Transparency To Boost Customers’ Confidence

Being transparent in your business will make your consumers feel you are not running any Ponzi scheme or something. So, try as much as possible to be plain in your business deals.


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